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  • About the Accounting Division

    The accounting division is responsible for Jefferson County's external financial reporting and oversees the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR), a thorough, detailed presentation of the county's financial activities during its fiscal year. Jefferson County has been consistently awarded the Certificate of Achievement in Financial Reporting since 1984. This is the highest form of recognition in governmental financial reporting.

    See our accounting staff listing.

    Accounting division duties also include:     

    • Purchasing
    • Payroll administration for all county employees
    • Inventory and fixed assets control
    • Coordinating the annual external audit
    • Long-term debt administration
    • Sales tax analysis
    • Managing the county's contractual encumbrances and payments
    • Other financial services, which provide assurance that county assets are being properly safeguarded

    Division Objectives

    • To protect the county’s financial assets.

    • To obtain the required quality of goods and services from reputable suppliers at the maximum end-use value per dollar spent in a manner that assures business is not interrupted or impeded.

    • To consolidate purchases of like or common items to obtain maximum economical benefits.

    • To promote standardization programs that review characteristics and quality of products being purchased in an effort to achieve savings.

    • To promote goodwill and mutually beneficial relationships between the county and its suppliers.

    • To develop reliable alternate supply sources, helping to maintain a competitive environment and meet county requirements.

    • To conduct all business in a manner that avoids allegations of preferential treatment.

    Jefferson County, Colorado is a tax-exempt governmental entity, a body politic and corporate.

    Last Updated: 6-24-2016