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    Monday - Friday
    8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

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    11755 Airport Way
    Broomfield, CO 80021

    24-Hour Airport Operations

    Important operations or maintenance issues ONLY

    Noise Section Contact Information - Airport Operations Specialist

    Chris Nicholas

  • About the Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport Staff

    The Metro Airport Staff consists of 21 talented individuals, working in 4 separate areas. Each employee has numerous years experience not only on this Airport, but in the aviation community.  The majority of our staff have been with the Airport for well over 5 years and some of our valued employees have been member's of this organization for more than 10 years.

    The Airport is the 4th busiest in Colorado and strives to focus on customer service, safety and a business-friendly environment.  The Airport Director, and staff are committed to ensuring that pilots, passengers, and business executives enjoy their visit to the Denver area and are able to access an operationally safe and efficient airport, 24-hours a day, 7-days a week in any weather condition.

    This dedicated airport staff has received numerous awards and national recognition including airfield safety and snow removal operations.  In fact, the Airport received the Balchen Post Award for Outstanding Achievement for Snow and Ice Control at a Large General Aviation Airport in 2003-04, 2006-07, and 2009-10.  In 2002 and 2006, the Federal Aviation Administration awarded the Airport its prestigious "Outstanding Achievement" award for Runway Safety.

    Airport Management Team 

    • Aubrey McGonigle, Interim Airport Director - amcgonig@flyrmma.com   

    • Aubrey has been with Rocky Mountain Metro Airport in a variety of functions since 2002, including airport project development and many accounting, marketing and budgeting functions.  She is a graduate of Metropolitan State College of Denver with a degree in Aviation Science and Administration with a Management emphasis and Private Pilot Minor.  Currently, she is responsible for overseeing and managing the Airport’s 270+ leases and approximately 30 businesses.   She is responsible for working with all new tenants and lessees through the lease negotiation process to final execution of a contract as well as managing the Airport's budget, marketing, accounting and other important administrative functions. Aubrey is the Airport’s liaison between lessees and the Jefferson County Attorney’s office.  Prior to her work at RMMA, Aubrey spent 3 years working at Centennial Airport for a Part 135 operator doing marketing, sales and dispatch work.  She also has several years experience working as an administrative assistant to a team of realtors.  Aubrey is a proven performer whose comprehensive skill set and attention to detail benefits the airport’s management team and airport tenants. 

    • Brett Miller, Airport Operations Manager - bamiller@flyrmma.com 

    • Brett has a vast knowledge of Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport as he has served many functions over the past 20 years with the Airport.  As the Operations and Maintenance Manager, Brett has a complete understanding of Airfield design, FAA regulations and community relations and has been able to bring all three of those functions together in order to operate a safe and efficient airport.  Brett is certified by the American Association of Airport Executives as an Airport Certified Employee, (Operations).  Under his leadership, the Operations and Maintenance department has been honored in winning the Balchen/Post Award for outstanding snow and ice control and the runway safety award several times.

    Airport Administration Team 

    • Aliza Wilson Wheeler, Airport Projects Specialist - awheeler@flyrmma.com
      Coordinates Airport Events, marketing, social media and general administrative functions
    • Mary Stahler, Administrative Assistant - mstahler@flyrmma.com
      Tenant/user accounting liason and general administrative functions
    • Janeen Treacy, Sr. Customer Service Representative -  jtreacy@flyrmma.com
      Handles all front desk responsibilities, coordinates conference room use, fuel matters and general administrative functions

    Airport Operations Team

             Oversees the operations staff, manages and impliments the snow removal plan, participates in wildlife mitigation, and construction oversight 

    • Chris Nicholas, Airport Operations Specialist Senior - cnichola@flyrmma.com     
    • Handles noise abatment issues, manages and impliments stormwater management plan, Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighter and snow removal team member
    • Ryan Campbell, Airport Operations Specialist - rcampbel@flyrmma.com 
    • Oversee access control, instructs restricted movement area training class, Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighter and snow removal team member 
    • Blake Kappes, Airport Operations Specialist - bkappes@flyrmma.com      
    • Assists with access control, Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighter and snow removal team member
    • Richard McQueen, Airport Night Operations Specialist - rmcqueen@flyrmma.com
    • Night operations specialist and snow removal team member    
    • Brian Conway, Airport Night Operations Specialist - bconway@flyrmma.com
    • Night operations specialist and snow removal team member

    Airport Maintenance Team

    •  Matthew Geier, Airport Maintenance Supervisor - mgeier@flyrmma.com               

                Oversee the Maintenance Department including grounds and facilities maintenance. Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighter and snow removal team member

               Oversees fleet, repair, purchasing, surplus equipment, Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighter and snow removal team member 

               Maintain fleet vehicles and snow equipment, Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighter and snow removal team member

               Building and Grounds mainentenance, Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighter and snow removal team member

               Maintains, repairs,and upkeeps the Airfield per FAR 139 standards

               Facilities maintenance, Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighter and snow removal team member

               Grounds and Facilities Maintenance    

               Facilities maintenance, Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighter and snow removal team member

               Assists with daily maintenance, operations and snow removal team member