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    The American Job Center (AJC) provides many workshops for job seekers to participate in to help them in their journey to find the right career.

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    • Ace the Interview, Win the Job Workshop
      In today's challenging job market, to win the job, you need to ace the interview.
    • Advanced Resume Techniques Workshop
      Learn how to transform your old resume into a ticket to career success and develop an eye-catching resume that gets you noticed.
    • Career Exploration Workshop
      Take an assessment to explore and identify strengths and new opportunities.
    • Computer Help Lab
      An instructor will be at the lab to answer any computer related questions. Self-study software will also be available.
    • Conover Job Readiness Workshop
      The Conover assessment evaluates your job readiness "soft skills" and provides training for areas that may need improvement to help prepare you for the workplace. You will receive a certificate/credential after completing the assessment and training (if necessary).
    • Cover Letters Workshop
      Learn steps to writing and formatting an effective, concise, and convincing cover letter.
    • Employer Expectations Workshop
      Through the 7 expectations of employers, learn how to effectively deal with and problem solve any situation.
    • Employment Beginnings Workshop
      This comprehensive, five-day workshop focuses on interviewing skills, building your resume from scratch and job search strategies.
    • Executive Job Search Techniques Workshop
      To be successful in today’s ultra-competitive job market, you must employ new tools and strategies for gaining notice and getting hired.
    • Finding Your Ideal Career Workshop
      Learn the keys to finding your niche in the modern workplace and how to clearly identify your skill set, natural talents, areas of interest, and concept of business reality.
    • First Impressions Workshop
      You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Make that first chance count by fine tuning your non-verbal and verbal communication skills.
    • Get Hired! Workshop
      Learn a proven, 9-step plan for landing your dream job in any economy.
    • Goal Setting Workshop
      Learn a step-by-step process that builds confidence so you can achieve your personal and professional goals.
    • Healthy Relationships Workshop
      Recognize the signs and learn to problem solve so you can build strong relationships that work.
    • Interviewing for Success Workshop
      Learn how to display confidence in selling yourself to a potential employer through interpersonal communication and professional dress.
    • Introduction to Computers Workshop
      Develop a strong understanding of operating a computer including using a mouse, opening programs, saving files and folders, printing, using the desktop, finding files that are lost and more.
    • Job Search Tips and Tricks Workshop
      Enhance your ability to locate job openings that are right for you and stand apart from the hundreds of applicants you’re competing against.
    • Letting Go and Moving On Workshop
      Do you have difficulty moving on and transitioning from old experiences and situations? Learn how to forgive, let go and move on.
    • LinkedIn and Online Networking Workshop
      Learn how LinkedIn and other social media can help you build a network of professional contacts.
    • LinkedIn Lab
      Attend this hands workshop and build your professional profile on LinkedIn.
    • Links to Success Workshop
      Learn what it takes to become successful in the workplace through this comprehensive 5-day workshop.
    • Microsoft Excel I Workshop
      This is the place to learn the skills you need to work in Excel, quickly and with little fuss.
    • Microsoft Excel II Workshop
      This workshop continues building Excel skills for those wanting to use more complex functions.
    • Microsoft Excel III Workshop
      This workshop continues building Excel skills for those wanting to use more complex functions. Learn how to use formulas and advanced formatting to enhance your workbook documents to the next level.
    • Microsoft Word I Workshop
      You will be introduced to basic word processing tools and techniques. This is a hands-on course.
    • Microsoft Word II Workshop
      This workshop continues to build on the skills learned in Microsoft Word I.
    • Mock Interview Lab
      This lab gives participants hands-on practice by effectively communicating their past experiences, strengths and weaknesses to potential employers
    • Resume Review Lab
      In our computer lab you will have the opportunity to review your resume one-on-one with a resume expert and make improvements.
    • Social Media 101 for Job Seekers Workshop
      Learn about social media resources and strategies that can increase your chances of getting hired in today’s highly competitive job market.
    • Standard Resume Techniques Workshop
      Learn about the three basic types of resumes, and tools you need to make an informed decision on which resume best highlights your qualifications.