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  • Archival Collection – Administrative and Financial

    Unprocessed Administrative and Financial Records, 1862-2005

    Unprocessed archival collections have not been nicely re-foldered, re-boxed, or labeled, may not be arranged in any discernible order, and do not have finding aids written for them. They are, however, available to researchers unless in rare instances access restrictions have been placed upon them or redaction of sensitive information is required.

    Please contact Archivist for details regarding specific record series.

    Information on this page may change frequently. Titles of actual records may differ slightly and date ranges may be approximate. Advance notice is required to view records.


    Abstracts of Assessment, 1869, 1892, 1974-1988

    Abstracts of Title to County Land, Property, and Open Space Property,

    Accounting Ledger: All Funds, 1930-1935

    Administration & Courts Building Grand Opening Ceremony, 1993

    Administrative Complex Final Report, May 6, 1977

    Annual Report of Dept. of Social Services, 1983

    Annual Report of Superintendent of Schools to Board of Co. Commissioners, 1873-1887

    Annual Reports, 2001-2003

    Annual Statement of County Treasurer to Superintendent of Schools, 1889-1940

    Appropriations Ledger, 1950

    Bank Balances, 1910

    Bids, Contracts, Bonds, circa 1913-1931

    Budget Ledgers, 1959-1972

    Budget Worksheets, 1982

    Canceled School Bonds and Coupons, 1879-1916

    Canceled Warrants, Bonds, and Coupons, 1862-1982

    Clerk's Fee and Cash Books, 1892-1958

    Clerk’s Financial Reports of Relief of Poor, 1902-1913

    Clerk's Reports to State Auditor, 1930s-1961

    Contract Files for Bonfils-Stanton Library, 1967-1968

    Contracts and Agreements, 1931-1961

    Contracts for Bridges and Roads, 1915-1938

    Coroner's Account for Inquests or Investigations Held, 1905-1910, 1942-1948

    Cost Allocation Plans, 1975

    County Budget Booklets, 1994-1996

    Deeds to County Property, circa 1884-1922

    Discussion of Financial Alternatives for $6,000,000 Jefferson County Jail Project, 1977

    District Court: Monthly Financial Reports, 1961-1962

    Ephemera from Employee Appreciation Events and Softball Leagues, 1991-1998

    Financial Accounting Systems Study, 1983

    Financial Report of Mental Health, 1982

    Financial Reports, Clerk & Recorder, 1965-1966 

    Financial Reports of Receipts and Expenditures to BCC, 1883-1954
    (Building Dept., Building Inspector, Clerk of County Court, Clerk of District Court, County Clerk, County Judges, County Nurses, Coroner, Hospitalization Repayment Agreements, Justice of the Peace, Sanitary Engineer, Treasurer, Veteran Service Officer)

    Financial Reports to Treasurer of Fines Collected by Justices of the Peace, 1956-1957

    Financial Statement, 1983

    Financial Statements for Dept. of Social Services, 1977

    Government Center Building Studies, 1977-1979

    Hospital Welfare Payments Ledger, 1931-1932

    Human Resources Subject and Correspondence Files, 1973-1981

    Human Services Building Groundbreaking Ceremony, 1988

    Insurance Policies, 1957-1968

    Jeffco Budget-in-Brief, 1994-1996

    Jeffco '79 Pay-as-you-go Plan, 1979

    Job Classifications and Pay Plans, 1978-1995

    Leases, Petitions, etc., 1890s-1961

    Miscellaneous Filed Documents, 1890-1910

    Miscellaneous Financial Records, 1868-1895

    Monthly and Annual Reports on Agriculture and Home Economics, 1949-1961

    Occupational Analysis Report (Job Evaluation Plan), 1958

    Organization Charts, 1978, 1988 & 2005

    Organization, Policy and Procedure Manual, 1977

    Pauper Record, 1933-1934

    Pauper Accounts/Claims, 1910-ca. 1930s

    Pay Survey, 1956

    Personnel Board Minutes of Meetings and Files, 1968-1978

    Personnel Policies, Rules, and Procedures, 1968-1989

    Petitions, Bids, Correspondence, etc., 1910-1920s

    Proposed Budget, 1940

    Purchase Agreements, 1930s-1961

    Purchasing Claim Register, 1950-1956

    Register of School Warrants, 1908-1948

    Register of the Poor (Expenditures for Relief of Poor-Poor Farm and Paupers), 1893-1932

    Reports of Expenditures, 1950

    Request for Bids, Fairgrounds Recreational Building, 1956

    Reports of the BCC to the Public Examiner, 1930s-1961

    Semi-Annual Revenue Statements to the State Auditor (BCC/Clerk), 1862-1922

    Sheriff’s Financial Reports, Reports of Prisoners Committed and Discharged, and Reports of Prisoners Fed, 1905-1914, 1941-1955, 1961

    Sheriff's Policy and Procedure Manuals, 1981-1985

    Time Capsule/Capstone Ceremony, Administration & Courts Building, Oct. 4, 1993

    Title Insurance and False Arrest Insurance Policies, 1962-1970

    Traffic Signal Agreements, 1956-1960

    Treasurer's Checkbook, Golden Savings Bank, 1909-1910

    Treasurer's Expenditure Record Books, 1910-1938

    Treasurer's Fee and Cash Books, 1873-1952

    Treasurer's General Ledger, 1939-1941

    Treasurer's Index to Accounts, circa 1870s

    Treasurer's Journals, 1884-1930

    Treasurer's Ledgers, 1873-1929

    Treasurer's Miscellaneous Files and Correspondence, 1961-1962

    Treasurer's Receipts, 1866-1869

    Treasurer’s Record of Cash Receipts, 1925-1965

    Treasurer’s Register of Cash Disbursements, Vol. 1, 1925

    Tri-County Planning Commission Monthly Reports, 1940s-1950s

    VHS Tape "People, Serving You," 1992

    Warrant Registers, 1868-1969 
    (Warrants Issued & Paid, School Warrants, General Fund, Ordinary County Revenue Fund, Old Age Pension Fund, Road & Bridge Fund, Tuberculosis Fund)

    Warrant Stubs, 1890-1953
    (Fire Fund, Support of Poor, Public Welfare Fund, General Assistance, Tuberculosis Fund)

    Last Updated: 7-9-2014