• Archival Collection – Aerial Photographs

    Jefferson County, 1944-1998

    Series No. 133

    Unprocessed collections of aerial photographs of Jefferson County include black and white diapositives (transparencies), prints, contact prints, orthophoto negatives and displays.  Earliest aerial photos were for special projects only, therefore coverage of county is not complete.  From 1955 on, photos are arranged by flight line.  Flight lines run north and south, from eastern boundary westward.  Flight line indexes for some years are available.  Contact Archivist for details.

    Years and Coverage:

    1944-1981 Prints: Miscellaneous Small Projects

    1955-1957 Prints
    (Aerial Indexes to Littleton area and Waterton area - Beers Sisters Road, 1955)

    1970-1972 Diapositives

    1971 Prints: W. 6th Ave.

    1972-1973 Prints: Highway Recommendations Book

    1975: Prints: North Turkey Creek, Troublesome Creek, Evergreen, Soda Creek, Pine, Idledale, Buffalo Creek, Bergen Creek

    1976 Prints: Flight Lines 1-18 (1:12000) and Flight Lines 1-9 (1:24000)
    1976 Diapositives: Flight Lines 1-18 (1:12000)

    1977 Prints and Diapositives: Engineering Project

    1980 Prints: Flight Lines 1-18

    1982 Prints

    1985 Prints: Flight Lines 1-9 (1:24000); Flight Lines 1-18; Ortho Project 015-572

    1986 Prints: Meyers Ranch

    1991 Color Prints: Flight Lines 1-18

    1992 Diapositives and Prints: Flight Lines 1-9 (1:24000)

    1993-1994 Ortho Negatives, Overlays

    1995 Color Prints: Flight Lines 1-18

    1996 Prints: Flight Lines 1-10; Buffalo Creek Fire; Buffalo Creek Flood
    1996 Diapositives (1:20000)

    1998 Diapositives and Prints: Hogback, Marston, Hampden, Ken Caryl, Jefferson County Complex

    Last Updated: 9-8-2015