• Archival Collection – CSU Extension Records

    Cooperative Extension Services Annual Reports, 1934-1937

    Series No. 132  (4 Volumes)

    Annual Reports of County Extension Agent (Louis G. Davis) and Home Demonstration Agent (Jeanne Warner) regarding Cooperative Extension work in Agriculture and Home Economics in Jefferson County.  Reports detail all activities and projects undertaken in: Rural Organization; Crops; Soils; Weed Control & Eradication; Horticulture; Pests; Forestry; Poultry; Dairying; Animal Husbandry; Veterinary Medicine; Agricultural Economics; and Editorial Service.  Also: Nutrition; Clothing; Home Management & Home Furnishings; and Home Health & Sanitation.  Includes the outlook and recommendations for the following year; program of work for the previous year; list of specialists visiting the office; and summary of meetings.  Illustrated with copies of notices, booklets, photographs and agents' newspaper columns.

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