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  • Archival Collection – Land and Property Records

    Abstracts of Title

    Series No. 149

    Contain summaries of all conveyances, transfers, and other instruments of writing, filed for record or recorded in the office of the Jefferson County Recorder, affecting title to real property.  Collection contains abstracts of title to the properties listed below:

    Berkeley in Jefferson, Block 2, Lots 14, 15 & 16, 1865-1958 

    Lower Horning, 1884-1925  (The original location of Guy Hill School was located on the north side of this property near the only entrance from Golden Gate Canyon Road.)

    N1/2 SE1/4, Section 10, Township 4 South, Range 70 West, 1867-1897

    Olinger Gardens, Block 11, Lot 7, 1869-1950

    Ostranders Subdivision, Lots 8 & 9, and E. 10 ft. of Lot 10, 1872-1927

    Last Updated: 6-26-2014