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    Miscellaneous Maps, Plats and Drawings

    Series 146

    City of Arvada Trails Plan Map, 1975
    Shows off-street trails and on-street bicycle paths

    City of Golden, Colorado, 1906
    Scale: 1" = 150 ft.

    Colorado Territory, 1862 (Reproduction)

    County Map of Dakota, Wyoming, Kansas, Nebraska and Colorado, 1890 (Reproduction)

    General Highway Map of Summit County, 1952

    General Highway Map of Teller County, 1952

    Harriman Ditch Plat, 1892
    Ditch laterals and reservoirs and their outlets. Scale: 1” = 1000 ft.

    Historical Map of Early Colorado with Portraits, 1949 (Reproduction)

    Jefferson County Interim Open Space & Park Map, 1974
    Shows existing and proposed open space

    Jefferson Green Filings 1A & 2 Easement Location and Description Map, 1973

    Lookout Mountain Park Realty and Investment Company, 1915
    Platting of Lookout Mountain Park

    Map of Public Surveys in Colorado Territory, 1866 (Reproduction)

    Model of Auraria and Denver City, 1860 (Reproduction)

    Mountain Meadow Pipeline, 1928
    Map of a gravity-fed water system for old lodge near Kittredge installed in the 1920s. Blueprint and tracing. Scale: 1” = 30 ft.

    Nell's Topographical & Township Map of the State of Colorado, 1885 (Reproduction)

    Plat of Denver, Auraria and Highland; Jefferson Territory, 1859 (Reproduction)

    South Platte River Basin, Colorado, 1930

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