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  • Archival Collection – Miscellaneous Records

    Festival of the West Files, 1975-2001

    Unprocessed collection, but available for use; detailed written description unavailable at this time.  Contact archivist for details.

    Files documenting the Festival of the West.  The Festival of the West began as a project of the Jefferson County Historical Commission for the Centennial-Bicentennial celebration of July 3-4, 1976.  It was ranked among the top 20 national bicentennial events.  The event was so popular that the Board of County Commissioners asked the Historical Commission to continue it and it grew into one of the biggest 4th of July festivals in the Denver metropolitan area.  Held at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds, the Festival of the West featured all local entertainers and included band concerts, museum tours, equestrian demonstrations by the Westernaires Riding Group, and fireworks.

    Last Updated: 1-29-2014