• Archival Collection – Tax and Assessment Records

    Assessor Index Books, ca. 1910-1987

    Series 182  (64 Volumes)

    The ownership of a specific parcel of land can be traced from about 1987 back to 1910 or earlier using these books.  Arranged alphabetically by name of subdivision for subdivided land, or numerically by section, township, and range in the metes and bounds books.  The index books list legal description of land; name of grantee; book, page, and date recorded; and sometimes the kind of deed.

    Note: Ownership prior to 1910 or the earliest entry in the index book can be traced backwards to the patentee using other records such as Grantor and Grantee Indexes, Abstract of Land Entries book, and Deed Books.

    Last Updated: 2-28-2015