• Archival Collection – Tax and Assessment Records

    Unprocessed Tax and Assessment Records, 1866-2006

    Unprocessed archival collections have not been nicely re-foldered, re-boxed, or labeled, may not be arranged in any discernible order, and do not have finding aids written for them. They are, however, available to researchers unless in rare instances access restrictions have been placed upon them or redaction of sensitive information is required.

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    Information on this page may change frequently. Titles of actual records may differ slightly and date ranges may be approximate. Advance notice is required to view records. 


    Abstract of Assessment for the Construction of Sidewalks, City of Golden, 1884, 1890-1891

    Affidavits and Proof of Publication of Delinquent Tax Lists (in Newspaper) Filed by Treasurer with Clerk and Recorder, and Newspaper Lists, 1869-1948

    Assessment Rolls:
        Arvada Sanitary Sewer District #1, 1924-1944
        Golden Paving District #1, 1924-1933
        Mountain Sidewalk District #1, Mountain View, 1924-1938
        North Golden Special Sanitary District #2, 1912-1922
        Paving Districts 2-8, Golden, 1925-1944
        Sanitary Sewer in Sewer District #3, Golden, 1924-1943
        Sewer Assessment, Edgewater Sanitary Sewer District #1, Edgewater, Book 2, 1916-1944
        Sidewalk Assessment, District #6, Edgewater, 1926-1935
        South Golden Special Sanitary Sewer District #1, 1909-1919
        Town of Edgewater, 1915-1935
        Trunkline Sewer District #1, Golden, 1924-1943
    Assessor's Correspondence, 1977-1989

    Assessor's Lot Record (by Subdivision and Block, Lists Lot w/name of “To Whom Assessed,” Value of Lot, and Value of Improvements), 1866-1896

    BCC Orders: Tax Assessments/Abatements, 1910-1930s

    Certificates of Redemption, 1873-1933

    Delinquent Personal Property Tax Lists, 1873-1876 & 1926-1965

    Delinquent Tax List, 1873-1880

    Delinquent Tax Payment Receipt Book, 1948-1950

    Denver Union Water Company (Petitions, Affidavits, etc. regarding refund of taxes), 1895

    Indexes to Tax Sale Records, Lands (by section, township, and range, lists description, year sold, certificate #), 1870-1986

    Indexes to Tax Sale Records, Lots (town property, lists subdivision, lot #, block #, year sold, certificate #), 1870-1987

    List of Land with Property Description and Tax by School District, undated

    List of Real Estate Rendered for Taxation: Lands, 1892-1894

    Mobile Home Tax Table Book, ca. 1959

    Motor Vehicle Tax Table Book, ca. 1970

    Mountain View Sewer Tax Payment Record, 1916-1930

    North Golden Special Sanitary Sewer District No. 2 Receipt Book, 1912-1925

    Orders of the state Board of Equalization Sept. 1907 Meeting (Booklet), 1907

    Petitions related to Assessment/Abatement of Taxes, 1875-1936

    Record of Auto Tax, 1942-1948

    Record of Taxes Collected (Treasurer), 1867-1877

    South Golden Special Assessment Payment Receipt Book, 1909-1924

    Tax Distribution Books, 1916-1924

    Tax Petitions (Rejected), 1915

    Tax Receipts, 1867-1884

    Tax Roll Proofs, 1965-1967

    Tax Sale Certificates, 1936

    Tax Sale Record (Clerk's), 1870-1971

    Tax Sale Record (Treasurer's), 1870-1973

    Tax Schedule for Trailer Houses, 1955-1956

    Tax Tokens, undated

    Unidentified Ledger: Listings by Block and Lot w/Owner, Address, Sewer/Sidewalk Assessments, undated

    Video: Treasurer's Annual Report, 2006

    Last Updated: 4-26-2016