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  • Archival Collection - Water Records

    Unprocessed Water Records, 1874-1935

    Unprocessed archival collections have not been nicely re-foldered, re-boxed, or labeled, may not be arranged in any discernible order, and do not have finding aids written for them. They are, however, available to researchers unless in rare instances access restrictions have been placed upon them or redaction of sensitive information is required. Information on this page may change frequently. Titles of actual records may differ slightly and date ranges may be approximate. Advance notice is required to view records. Please contact Archivist for details regarding specific record series.

    Golden City & Arapahoe Ditch Company Minutes and Accounts, 1876-1879

    Maps, Plats and Drawings:

        Dry Creek Valley Ditch, undated

        General Map showing the Canal and Reservoir System of the Farmer's Reservoir and Irrigation Co., 1935

        Great Western Outlet Ditch, Broomfield, undated    

        Plat of South Platte Dam, 1899
        South Platte Canal and Reservoir Co. Map of Canal and Pipelines, 1894

        South Platte Dam Details, undated

        Standley Reservoir, Farmers Reservoir and Irrigation Co., undated

    Report of Vasquez Flume and Ditch Company, 1874

    Water Rate Cases, 1912

    Last Updated: 3-20-2014