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  • Chronological History of Jeffco – the 1860s


    January 2, 1860

    First county election, under provisional Jefferson Territory: Golden City selected as county seat; also elected a sheriff, clerk and recorder, and county judge. 

    January 9, 1860

    First school in Jefferson County opened in Golden City. 

    January 16, 1860

    Golden City Masonic lodge, one of the first Masonic organizations in Colorado, established. 

    August 26, 1860

    All time hottest temperature in Jefferson County of 104 degrees recorded in Golden City. 

    October 6, 1860

    Birth of Charles L. Palmer, reputedly the first child of gold rush settlers to be born in Jefferson County. He served as county commissioner, 1902-1909. 

    November 22, 1860

    Golden City becomes capital of Jefferson Territory.


    Three mining districts formed and operated in central Jefferson County to administer extra legal law. Bergen District (Bergen Park), Junction District (Conifer), and Mt. Vernon District (Mt. Vernon Canyon) then combined under the leadership of Thomas Bergen to form short-lived Ni-Wot County. 

    February 28, 1861

    President James Buchanan signs bill creating the Territory of Colorado. 

    November 1, 1861

    Jefferson County reorganized to become one of the original 17 counties created by Colorado Territorial Legislature.

    November 16, 1861

    Original Jefferson County Commissioners, John M. Ferrell, Spafford C. Field and George H. Richardson, appointed by Gov. William Gilpin and meet to organize upcoming county election. 

    November 19, 1861

    Great windstorm destroys 25 buildings in Golden City. 

    December 7, 1861

    Election of county officers, including the first Board of County Commissioners. 

    January 6, 1862

    Newly elected County officials assume office.

    June 20, 1862

    First county tax and school tax levied by Jefferson County Commissioners.

    August 14, 1862

    Golden City becomes capitol of the Territory of Colorado, remains so until 1867. 


    Henry Stevens, the first recorded homesteader in Jefferson County under the 1863 Homestead Act, builds his cabin at the current site of 44th and Teller streets in Wheat Ridge. 


    Colorado's first railway company, the Colorado Central Railroad Company, incorporated by William A. H. Loveland in Golden City. 

    December 19,1866

    Colorado Transcript, now the Golden Transcript, founded by George West in Golden City. 


    Last documented encampment of Arapaho tribe, led by Chief Friday, in Jefferson County.

    Golden Paper Mills, only paper mill west of Missouri, established at Golden City, making paper from recycled rags and straw. 

    January 1, 1868

    Golden City celebrates the ground breaking for the first railroad construction in Colorado, by the Colorado Central Railroad Company. 


    Jarvis Hall, first college in Jefferson County, established.