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  • Chronological History of Jeffco – the 1950s



    The Golden Hill Climb, an auto race up Lookout Mountain, is held.  The event is short-lived and ultimately cancelled by Colorado's governor for safety reasons.


    All Jefferson County school districts consolidate into the state's largest school district, Jefferson County R-1.

    July 3, 1950

    Denver Tramway Co. ends streetcar service, buses become the primary means of transportation.


    Coors Brewery begins brewery tours for tourists.

    July 10, 1951

    Ground breaking for first building of the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant in Jefferson County.


    Jefferson County Public Library established by the Board of County Commissioners.

    KFEL Channel 2 begins broadcasting television signals throughout the Denver Metro area from Lookout Mountain.

    Newly invented metal street signs replaced the old wooden signs throughout the county.

    January 25, 1952

    Denver Boulder Turnpike opens.

    April 10, 1952

    A B-25 bomber crashes on Mount Tom west of Golden after taking off from Golden Memorial Airfield.  Ten airmen and one civilian die in the crash.

    August 1952

    Television sets were sold for the first time in Jefferson County.

    November 1, 1952

    First locally televised football game between Colorado School of Mines and Idaho State; Mines loses the game.

    November 15, 1952

    First nationally televised Colorado football game, Colorado School of Mines versus Colorado College, played at the School of Mines' Brooks Field and shown on KFEL-TV Channel 2. 


    Second Jefferson County courthouse completed in Golden at 17th and Arapahoe.  Demolished in 1999. 
    Jefferson Symphony Orchestra begins performing. 

    Rocky Flats nuclear weapons production facility begins production of bomb components, manufacturing plutonium triggers.

    Uranium-rich ore discovered on land northwest of Golden.  The Schwartzwalder Mine is the most productive uranium mine in the U.S. until operations cease in 2000.


    Martin-Marietta Company (originally the Glen L. Martin Company), now Lockheed-Martin, established in South Jefferson County near Waterton.

    Coors Brewery produces over one million barrels of beer.

    April 1955

    The first dial telephones went into operation in Jefferson County.

    August 30, 1956

    Grand opening of Lakeside Shopping City west of Lakeside Amusement Park on W. 44th Avenue. First fully enclosed and air conditioned shopping center in the United States. 


    County jail and Sheriff's residence built next to the 1953 courthouse at 16th and Arapahoe Streets in Golden. It is later used as the Assessor/Treasurer building.

    Coors Brewery workers strike over wages and benefits.

    Coors ends all malted milk operations after 40 years.

    January 1957

    Indictment of Jefferson County Sheriff Carl Enlow for income tax evasion related to slot machine and gambling payoffs.  Found guilty and sentenced to three years in the State Penitentiary.

    February 1957

    JCRS Shopping Center opens on West Colfax Avenue in Lakewood.

    May 1957

    Jefferson County Public Schools' "Operation Kids" created for mass evacuation of school kids in case of an atomic attack.


    Town of Bow Mar established and incorporated, located in both Jefferson and Arapahoe Counties.

    Bandimere Speedway opens.


    Coors develops the first two-piece aluminum can.

    Colorado Railroad Museum opened by Robert W. Richardson and Cornelius W. Hauck to preserve historic railroad equipment.