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  • Chronological History of Jeffco – the 1960s


    Blaster, a miniature burro, becomes the mascot of the Colorado School of Mines.

    February 9, 1960

    Adolph Coors, III kidnapped and murdered near Morrison.  Joseph Corbett, Jr. found guilty of the crime in 1961.

    May 30, 1960

    East Tincup theme park opens just south of Golden off Colfax Ave.  The popular western-themed entertainment and shopping destination operates until 1963.

    June 30, 1960

    Magic Mountain Amusement Park officially opens for the season.  Closes for good later that summer due to financial problems.  Re-opens in 1971 as Heritage Square.

    August 1, 1960

    First phase of Westland Shopping Center opens on West Colfax at Miller Street in Lakewood. 

    October 16, 1960

    Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport dedicated as Jefferson County Airport.


    Denver Broncos hold training camps at Colorado School of Mines and stay in the dorms.


    Broomfield is incorporated.

    Lutheran Hospital, once a tuberculosis sanitorium, opens its doors as a community-based, non-profit, general medical facility in Wheat Ridge.  Later becomes Lutheran Medical Center.

    March 29, 1961

    Joseph Corbett, Jr. found guilty of murdering Adolph Coors, III.

    March 30, 1961

    Colorado State Home and Industrial School for Girls, located in Morrison, changes name to Mount View Girl's School.

    January 11, 1963

    All time coldest temperature in Jefferson County of -56 degrees recorded in Buffalo Creek. 

    May 25, 1963

    First Jefferson County courthouse, jail and Sheriff's residence at 1501 Washington Avenue demolished and replaced with a convenience store and the Cow Palace, one of Golden's first fast food joints.


    Colorado School of Mines opens first dormitory for women.

    The letter "G" on South Table Mountain painted for the first time by members of the Golden High School's Letterman Club. 

    Mount Lindo cross, created by Francis Van Derbur and the largest lighted cross in the United States, first lit during Easter.

    August 26, 1964

    The Beatles perform at Red Rocks.  Jefferson County Sheriff's Department personnel were on hand to control the hysteria.


    Floods hit Clear Creek, Tucker Gulch and South Platte, causing major metro area damage. 

    First female deputy, Madeline (Miles) Pearce, sworn in by Jefferson County Sheriff Harold Bray.


    Jefferson County Hall of Justice completed at 18th and Arapahoe Streets in Golden.

    Construction of Interstate 70 in Jefferson County begins at Sheridan Blvd.

    Sculptured House/Spaceship House built on Genesee Mountain overlooking I-70.  Designed by Charles Deaton and made famous in the 1973 Woody Allen movie "Sleeper."

    Tiny Town closes and is put up for sale but no buyers found.

    March 10, 1966

    Villa Italia Mall opens on a portion of the Belmar estate at the southeast corner of Alameda and Wadsworth in Lakewood.


    Rockmont College, now Colorado Christian University, moves to Lakewood. 
    Toll removed from the Denver Boulder Turnpike. 

    Construction of Interstate 70 between Sheridan Blvd. and Wadsworth Blvd. (2 miles) completed.

    April 10, 1967

    Earthquake measuring over 5 on Richter Scale hits Golden as first in a swarm of 17 artificial earthquakes caused by deep well chemical injection at Rocky Mountain Arsenal.


    Construction of Interstate 70 between Wadsworth Blvd. and Kipling St. (2 miles) and between Kipling St. and Ward Road (1.7 miles) completed.

    Carrie Critchfield becomes the first woman to be elected to the Golden City Council.


    Lakewood is incorporated.  

    Westminster annexed into Jefferson County, including Standley Lake.

    Construction of Interstate 70 between West Colfax Ave. and State Highway 26/U.S. 40 Junction - entrance to Mount Vernon Canyon (2.9 miles) completed.  (Construction began in 1967.)

    Flood destroys Tiny Town.

    May 11, 1969

    Fire at Rocky Flats plant releases a small amount of radioactive plutonium contamination, the first time the public becomes aware of contaminant releases from the plant.  Fire considered the most costly industrial accident in United States history at that time.

    June 17, 1969

    Wheat Ridge is incorporated.

    September 4, 1969

    Golden Post Office building collapses while under construction, injuring four and killing Michael Dossie, the son of the foreman.