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  • Chronological History of Jeffco – the 1970s



    Construction of Interstate 70 between Ward Road and West Colfax Avenue - U.S. 40 (4 miles) completed.

    Construction of Interstate 70 between State Highway 26 and Lookout Mountain Exit - Mount Vernon Canyon (2.8 miles) and between Lookout Mountain Exit and Genesee Mountain (2.4 miles) completed.


    Jefferson County voters approve a one-half percent sales tax for Open Space, inaugurating the county's award winning Open Space Program. 

    Construction of Interstate 70 through remainder of Jefferson County completed (between Genesee Mountain and El Rancho Exit (2 miles) and El Rancho Exit and Beaver Brook (4 miles). 

    March 1, 1973

    The Astor House in Golden listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


    First woman, Joanne K. Patterson, elected as a county commissioner. She served 1975-1979. 

    National Renewable Energy Laboratory established as Solar Energy Research Institute. 

    National Earthquake Information Center moved to Golden. 

    August 1, 1976

    Lakewood Heritage Center opens as Belmar Museum.

    September 28, 1976

    Morrison Historical Sites listed on the National Register.