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  • On Those Who Took Office

    The first provisional governor of Jefferson Territory was Robert W. Steele, who lived at Mount Vernon.

    Eli Carter, the county's first recorder, began recording everything from marriage contracts to mining claims in January 1860.

    William Gilpin, first governor of the Colorado Territory, called an election for December 1861.

    Elected officials who took office in January 1862 were:

    •  County Commissioners: Theodore P. Boyd, Thomas C. Bergen, and David K. Wall
    •  Sheriff: J.C. Remington
    •  Clerk and Recorder: George H. Richardson
    •  Treasurer: John M. Ferrell
    •  Assessor: J.R. Ward
    •  Surveyor: Edward L. Berthoud
    •  Coroner: S.W. Lincoln
    •  Probate Judge: William T. Muir
    •  Attorney: J.B. Wolff
    •  School Superintendent: George West


    County offices were located in Loveland Hall until 1877 when the first Jefferson County Courthouse was built.