• Reference Books - Colorado


    This page lists specific publications that the Jefferson County Archives has on Colorado in general and other cities within our state. These books are available for use in the Archives Reading Room only.

    Agricultural Technology and Society in Colorado. Colorado State University, Cooperative Extension Service Bulletin 511A, David McComb, 1981

    America’s Railroad: The Official Guidebook of the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, Robert T. Royem, 2002

    Bent’s Stockade: Hidden in the Hills, C.W. Hurd, 1960
    Beyond the Ivory Tower: A History of Colorado State University Cooperative Extension, James E. Hansen,II, 1991 

    Centennial Celebration 1861-1961: Grand Lodge A.F. & A.M. of Colorado, Grand Lodge A.F. & A.M. of Colorado, 1961

    Centennial Colorado: Its Exciting Story, Robert G. Athearn & Carl Ubbelohde, 1959

    Cinders and Smoke: A Mile by Mile Guide for the Durango to Silverton Narrow Gauge Trip, Doris B. Osterwald, 1965

    Cliff Dwellings of the Mesa Verde: A Story in Pictures, Don Watson, 1950

    Coal People: Life in Southern Colorado’s Company Towns, 1890-1930, Rick J. Clyne, 1999
    Cog Wheel Route: The Manitou and Pike's Peak Railway, Claude & Margaret Wistrowski, 1987 

    Colorado: A History of the Centennial State, Carl Abbott, Stephen J. Leonard, & David McComb, 1982

    Colorado Givers: A History of Philanthropic Heroes, Thomas J. Noel, Stephen Leonard, & Kevin Rucker, 1998

    Colorado Historic Preservation Discovery Book for Children, Lawrence Walsh

    Colorado Historical Markers of the Colorado State Society, National Daughters of the American Revolution, compiled and edited by Junann J. Stieghorst, 1978

    Colorado History, Colorado Historical Society
    No. 1 (1997); No. 5 (2001); No. 10 (2004); No. 11 (2005); No. 12 (2006); No. 15 (2008)
    (Others listed under specific titles)

    Colorado Place Names, William Bright, 2004

    Colorado Railroad Map, Colorado Railroad Museum, 2009 (Map)

    Colorado State Grange History 1874-1975, Colorado State Grange, 1975

    Communities of the Palmer Divide (Images of America Series), Palmer Lake Historical Society and the Lucretia Vaile Museum, 2011

    The Co-Operative Century, Colorado Cattlemen’s Centennial Commission, 1967

    Crofutt’s Grip- Sack Guide of Colorado. A Complete Encyclopedia of the State, Vol. II, 1885, Geo. A. Crofutt, Cubar Reprint, 1966

    Earth, Water and Fire: The Prehistoric Pottery of Mesa Verde, Norman T. Oppelt, 1991

    Eaton Metal Products: The First 80 Years, Thomas J. Noel & Kevin E. Rucker, 2000

    Essays and Monographs in Colorado History, Colorado Historical Society
    Essays No. 11 (1990); Essays No. 14 (1994)

    Evolution of the Landscape Along the Clear Creek Corridor, Colorado Urbanization, Aggregate Mining, and Reclamation, Geological Survey (U.S.), 2002 (Map)

    Fentress Bradburn Architects, Roger A. Chandler, 1995

    The First Five Years of the Railroad Era in Colorado, June 19, 1867 to June 19, 1872, Julesburg to Pueblo in Five Years, E.O. Davis, 1948

    Fort Collins: A Pictorial History, Barbara Fleming, 1985

    Front Range Panorama, Colorado Mountain Club (Louisa Ward Arps, Editor.), 1962

    Ghost Towns of the Rockies, Preethi Burkholder, 2010
    Glenwood Springs: Spa in the Mountains, Lena M. Urquhart, 1970 

    Gold Nuggets of Colorado History: Authentic Short Stories of the Early Settlers, Title Guaranty Company, 1959

    Guidebook to Researching Colorado’s Historic Highways, Colorado Department of Transportation, 2002

    Historic Trail Map of the Denver 1” x 2” Quadrangle, Central Colorado, Geological Survey (U.S.), 1999
    History of Colorado, Volumes 3 & 4 only, Wilbur Fiske Stone, 1918-19 
    History of the State of Colorado: Embracing Accounts of the Pre-Historic Races and Their Remains, The Earliest Spanish, French and American Explorations... The First American Settlements Founded; The Original Discoveries of Gold in the Rocky Mountains; The Development of Cities and Towns, with the Various Phases of Industrial and Political Transition, From 1858-1890, 4 Volumes, Frank Hall, 1889-95

    Honest John Shafroth: A Colorado Reformer ((Colorado History No. 8), Stephen J. Leonard, Thomas J. Noel, & Donald L. Walker Jr., 2003

    Indians of the Mesa Verde, Don Watson, 1961
    Ladies of the Lamplight, Kay Reynolds Blair, 1971 

    La Gente: Hispano History and Life in Colorado, Vincent C. DeBaca, Editor, 1998

    The Legacy of the New Deal on Colorado’s Eastern Plains, Abigail D. Christman, 2008

    The Lessons of Leadville, (Colorado Historical Society Essays & Monographs in Colorado History, No. 10), William Philpott, 1994

    The Longmont Album: History and Folklore of the St. Vrain Valley, Betty Ann Newby, 1995

    Menace in the West: Colorado and the American Experience With Drugs, 1873-1963, Henry O. Whiteside, 1997

    Mining Among the Clouds: The Mosquito Range and the Origins of Colorado’s Silver Boom (Colorado History No. 6), Harvey N. Gardiner, 2002

    The Moffat Tunnel: A Brief History, Charles Albi & Kenton Forrest, 1984

    Mollie: The Journal of Mollie Dorsey Sanford in Nebraska and Colorado Territories 1857-1866, Mollie Dorsey Sanford, 1959 
    No More Than Five in a Bed: Colorado Hotels in the Old Days, Sandra Dallas, 1967

    On the Home Front: Colorado Springs in World War II, Carol Bruce-Fritz & Kathryn Davis Gardner, 1994

    Once in a Hundred: Final Report of the Colorado Centennial-Bicentennial Commission, compiled by G.D. Barrante, 1977

    Orphan Boy: A Love Affair with Mining, 1880 to Present, H. Court Young, 2006 
    Portrait and Biographical Record of Denver and Vicinity, Colorado: Containing Portraits and Biographies of Many Well Known Citizens of the Past and Present, Together with Biographies and Portraits of All the Presidents of the United States, Chapman Publishing Co., 1898

    Spanning Generations: The Historic Bridges of Colorado, Colorado Department of Transportation, 2004
    The Springs of MANITOU, Bettie Marie Daniels & Virginia McConnell, 1973

    Strong Sisters: Elected Women in Colorado, produced, directed and written by Meg Froelich and Laura Hoeppner, 2016 (DVD)

    This is Colorado: Special Centennial Magazine Section of The Denver Post, June 21, 1959

    This Soldier Life: The Diaries of Romine H. Ostrander, 1863 and 1865, in Colorado Territory, (Colorado History No. 13), Annotated by Paul A. Malkoski, 2006

    Wells Fargo in Colorado Territory (Colorado Historical Society Monograph Series, No. 1), W. Turrentine Jackson, 1982

    A Wide-Awake Woman: Josephine Roche in the Era of Reform (Colorado History No. 7), Elinor McGinn, 2002

    William Henry Jackson: An Intimate Portrait. The Elwood P. Bonney Journal (Colorado History No. 4), edited by Lloyd W. Gundy, 2000