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  • Appealing Your Real Property Valuation


    The Assessor mails a notice of valuation to real property owners May 1 of each year. If a property owner believes the Assessor has incorrectly valued or classified the property, or that it was not valued fairly as compared to other properties, an appeal may be filed between May 1 and June 15. Use the form included with the notice of valuation for your appeal. 

    Appeal Options 

    • Mail, Fax or Online:
      • You may elect to complete the protest form attached to your notice of valuation and mail it to:
        Ron Sandstrom
        Jefferson County Assessor
        100 Jefferson County Pkwy.
        Golden, CO 80419
      • You may fax it to 303-271-8616
      • You may also complete a residential appeals form online in the assessor’s website.
    • In Person: If you appeal in person, you must do so before the close of business on June 15 at the Assessor's office, 100 Jefferson County Parkway, Golden, CO 80419

    Timing is everything: It is better to appeal early in May. The last few days of the appeal period are often very busy and you may experience delays.

    How to Appeal an Assessment

    To appeal an assessment, you should explain why you believe the assessor's value is incorrect. By comparing your property to other similar properties that sold, you can determine whether your property has been fairly valued. The following is a list of resources that might help:

    • Property Records Search
      Residential property sales information for most neighborhoods, along with additional property details, is available on this website. Get into our Property Records Search application, find your property and select "Neighborhood Sales." 
    • Assessor Taxpayer Services
      A complete list of residential property sales that occurred in your neighborhood will be sent to you upon receipt of a self-addressed, stamped envelope and description of your property. Mail your request to the above address. It will be up to you decide which, if any, of the sold properties are similar to yours in location, age, design and size.
    • Real Estate Information Line, 303-271-8666
      "Inventory information" for up to three residences is provided over the phone. Simply supply the address(es), schedule number(s) or owner's name.
    • The Assessment Process
      For a description of the assessment methods the assessor uses, see the Assessment Process area of this website. 

    What to Expect After You Appeal

    If you appeal, we will mail you a notice of determination by the last working day in August. This notice will show the assessor's office adjustment to value, if any, and explain how to appeal to the County Board of Equalization (county commissioners) if you are still dissatisfied. You must file your appeal to the County Board of Equalization (CBOE) should be filed by September 15th. The CBOE meets July 1 through October 1. The board must conclude earings by November 1, and notify petitioners of its decision within five business days.

    If you wish to appeal a CBOE decision, you must do so within 30 days of the decision. Your options are described in the board's response.