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  • 2013 Time Trending Analysis


    In the 2013 reappraisal, the Jefferson County Assessor’s Office used three of the four state-approved techniques: sales ratio, median monthly sales ratio and multiple regression analyses. The paired sales technique had insufficient data sets and was not considered.

    The analysis for 2013 exhibited slight signs of a recovery in market conditions for single family properties based on the increased number of sales and higer sale prices in the last six months. Approximately 3,916 public trustee deeds (foreclosures) were recorded in Jefferson County; this was an increase from the previous time frame (3,840 foreclosures). Of the total 3,905 sales transactions of real-estate owned by lenders (REO) that occurred 59% were considered qualified sales and included in our analysis. 

    The analysis indicated different results by property subclasses and location. We used a 12 month time adjustment amount for the Single-family and duplex/triplex properties to address the seasonality that was present, the markets downward trend during 2010/2011 and the signs of recovery in 2012. Condominiums and town homes, as a whole subclass, continued to experience a negative time trend for the first 12 months, and appeared to be leveling out for the remaining 12 months.

    The Single Family Time-Trend Study Graph Adobe PDF Icon shows the graphic representation of the 24-month period. The line is the regression line and its “best fit” position. The black circles are the median sales ratio for each month. July 2010 is month 1; December 2010 is month 6; June 2011 is month 12; and June 2012 is month 24.

    Last Updated: 6-28-2013