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    The commissioners welcome your comments, questions and suggestions. You can email all three with the address above, or the individual commissioners with the address below.

    Libby Szabo, Commissioner District One


    Casey Tighe, Commissioner District Two


    Donald Rosier, Commissioner District Three


  • Boards and Commissions: Taskforce on Marijuana



    Colorado voters in 2013 approved Amendment 64 to the state constitution regarding the use and sale of marijuana. Counties and cities now may choose to allow the operation of marijuana cultivation facilities, marijuana testing facilities, marijuana product manufacturing facilities and retail marijuana stores; or to prohibit such businesses through the enactment of local ordinances.

    With the new state law governing the sale of marijuana in Colorado, the Jefferson County Board of Commissioners is establishing a taskforce to study marijuana.


    The taskforce will be charged with helping county staff identify and report on the impacts of marijuana establishments.


    The county commissioners are seeking individuals interested in serving on the task force who can help staff identify and report on impacts of marijuana establishments:   

    • Positive and negative impacts to public safety
    • Positive and negative impacts to public health
    • Positive and negative impacts to government
    • Positive and negative impacts to business

    Meeting Minutes:


    Final Report and Recommendation Adobe PDF Icon 

    The Marijuana Task Force recommends that the Jefferson County Board of Commissioners permanently prohibit marijuana establishments within unincorporated Jefferson County. See the document for further detail and discussion.

    Marijuana Task Force Amicus Report Adobe PDF Icon 

    The effects and remediation of systemic institutional bias regarding regulated marijuana in Jefferson County, Colorado. See the document for further detail and discussion.

    For more information, please contact Jeanie Rossillon at 303-271-8575 or jrossill@jeffco.us.

    BCC Actions

    BCC Resolution to Extend the Moratorium to January 1, 2016: Resolution CC14-462 - ordinance adopting policy 3.3.4 regarding the prohibition of the operation of marijuana establishments in Jefferson County

    The Board of County Commissioners will be considering marijuana regulations in hearings this fall. The first time it will come up will be to set the date of the hearing, which will happen on September 1, 2015. There is no public testimony being accepted on this topic at that time. The date of the public hearing is September 22, 2015.

    Members and Length of Terms:

    See the marijuana task force members list in pdf format. The length of the terms is six months.

    To Apply:

    Please use the online general application on the volunteer board vacancies page. All available citizen positions will be advertised.

    For current volunteer member names, information about membership, or committees, contact the County Manager’s Office at countymanager@jeffco.us or 303-271-8508.