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     Beautiful venue! Boettcher Mansion was the perfect place for our special day! The staff was amazing, and made sure we had everything we needed to make our day outstanding! The Boettcher Mansion is just a beautiful place, and is snuggled into a beautiful location making your wedding feel as if you were miles into the mountains but it's only a few miles away from the city! We would recommend this venue to any of our friends!
    - Ashley P. & Andy M., married September 2014

    I could not have picked a better venue! We had the whole mansion to ourselves and the grounds couldn't have been more beautiful. This was a totally new experience for a lot of my guests and they can't stop talking about it. Megan and her team are great and very helpful. I'm so grateful to have found this location. .
    - Valen C. & Danny R., married August 2014

    My husband and I loved having our wedding at Boettcher Mansion! As soon as we toured the venue, we knew it was where we wanted to have our wedding! The staff was awesome and a breeze to work with! The venue is gorgeous and we had numerous compliments from guests on the choice of venue on the day of our wedding and for months following. One of the nice things about Boettcher Mansion, is that it did not need excessive decoration; we were able to use minimal flowers and décor to enhance the beauty of the Boettcher Mansion and its surroundings.  
    - Jessica K. & Adam D., married August 2014 

    We chose the Boettcher Mansion for our wedding venue and are very glad that we did so. [Megan was] very patient with me when I called with multiple questions concerning details and [was] very organized and pleasant to work with. The venue itself was the perfect size for our wedding size of about 70 people. Our guests commented quite a bit on how lovely the mansion was maintained and the attention paid to detail. Our caterer mentioned how nice and well appointed the kitchen was and how much they liked working from it. The price was a little steep but the value was definitely there for what we paid for.
    .- Elizabeth D. & Christopher H., married June 2014

    We were married at the Boettcher Mansion, and I don't think there is a better place. The ambience, the mountain view, the location, and the helpfulness of the staff were absolutely everything we wanted and more.
    - Corinne N. & Brian E., married June 2014

    What a beautiful venue! Boettcher is close enough to Denver for those not from the area, but also secluded and close to the mountains that you'll have a gorgeous "Colorado scenery" in your photos. All of our guests fell in love with the idea that we were married and celebrating, literally, on top of a mountain. Megan [was] fantastic to work with because [she was] so quick to respond to all my questions (I had plenty!). All the preferred vendors at Boettcher Mansion are top notch.
    - Carissa A. & Jamie G., married September 2013

     This is such a beautiful site inside and out! We had just under 90 guests and this was the perfect place for that many people. The folks at Boettcher were very friendly in person and extremely responsive to email.
    - Jessica G. & Ryan T., married August 2013

     My husband and I married at Boettcher Mansion this past June. Our wonderful wedding planner suggested the site and we instantly fell in love with the beautiful charm of Boettcher. We are both Colorado natives but we are a military family and will be leaving our home state next month. We were thrilled to have our wedding in a location that showcased our state's natural beauty without the expense of some of the resort towns deeper into the Rockies.  The staff was kind and accommodating, and the venue was perfect. The kitchen is huge and the ample space to get ready was perfect for pictures and hanging out on our big day.  We loved having our wedding at Boettcher!  
    - Monica B. & Daren D., married June 2013 

    My wedding was at The Boettcher Mansion on Lookout Mountain in Golden, CO on June 1, 2013 and it was nothing short of magical. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect setting to tie the knot in front of over 160 family members and friends. My husband and I were hoping some deer would show up for the guests,but instead we got a young black bear bless the wedding before the ceremony!! From the moment we arrived to the venue until we got on our shuttle at midnight, everything was perfect. A day I will never forget for the rest of my life! 
    - Tori G. & Beau B., married June 2013

    The venue was beautiful! Their prices were a steal compared to other mountain venues of the same quality. they even had a kitchen so our caterer was able to provide fresh food. They were very flexible with our needs and answered all of our questions promptly, no matter when we asked them.
    - Sarah H., married June 2013  



    This was the most beautiful location for my wedding. The beauty of the Mansion speaks for itself, I didn't have to decorate much and let nature show. The staff was very helpful throughout the entire planning process. I would highly recommend this venue. 
    - Megan E. & Erik K., married May 2013

    We looked at several wedding venues hoping to find a truly Colorado feel without having to take our guests up into the mountains. Boettcher Mansion was the perfect spot. It had great views, amazing scenery and the indoor and outdoor areas were perfect for each aspect of our wedding. We had the ceremony on the back patio, cocktail hour on the front patio/lobby and reception in the Fireside Room. The staff was really helpful, responsive and clear throughout the entire process and helped make it a smooth event. I definitely feel like it worked out to be the perfect venue. Additionally, the scenery and the beautiful indoor areas provided some amazing photos of our day!  
    - Jenarae C. & Greg M., married April 2013

    The ladies at Boettcher Mansion helped make our wedding so incredibly special. [They] walked us through everything and [were] always available and pleasant. They help recommend vendors and do everything they can to make things go smoothly. It is a beautiful location! Every time we went up we saw elk. The day of our wedding we got snow and it was completely magical. 
    - Elizabeth D. & Robert S., married November 2012

    The moment I walked into the Fireside Room at the Boettcher Mansion I got tears in my eyes. It was perfect! This venue was my dream venue. The staff were wonderful and friendly every single step of the way. The evening went flawlessly and most importantly we have a blast!
    - Jamie H. & Ryhan C., married October 2012 

    We wanted a mountain wedding, but also didn't want to go [too] far from Denver. Boettcher was perfect! The building is so pretty and [the] staff were very helpful. We ended up with snow on our October 6th wedding and the mansion staff were really helpful when we had to move to our "Plan B" (as well as keeping everyone informed about the road conditions and keeping everything salted and ice-free). 
    - Judy C. & Randon R., married October 2012  

    The location is just one of the amazing things about Boettcher Mansion! They have amazing staff and the venue was perfect!
    - Amanda B. & Greg W., married September 2012

    Boettcher Mansion was everything that we were looking for in a venue for our wedding. The location was close to Denver, but felt like it was in the mountains. The decor of the old stone mansion was gorgeous and the grounds made it feel like you were tucked away in the mountains. Very friendly and helpful staff, would highly recommend.
    - Jennifer G. & Nathan R., married September 2012

    Lookout Mountain is a special place for us so we were thrilled about having Boettcher Mansion as our luncheon location. We rented the Carriage House and it was perfect. The staff were friendly and very accommodating.
    - Nicole M. & Ken E., married July 2012

    Perfect summer Location for a destination wedding!! Beautifully landscaped front area and perfect back patio for any outdoor event. The normal bugs were around but that's expected. There is a hiking trail just behind the patio so [there] were a couple of non guests walking nearby, not close enough to where they are in pictures but it could've happened. The wedding was early enough that deer were also near by. (Careful on the roads) The morning was a great time and it was perfect for 100 ppl.
    - Alaina M. & Tom P., married July 2012 

    This location was beautiful. Great for people who are looking for a mountain wedding for an affordable price.
    - Calista S. & Jack H., married July 2012 

    Boettcher was stunning!! We are so pleased we went with this venue for our big day! The staff was amazing and the venue is more than gorgeous! Magical....
    - Erin O. & Kynton C., married June 2012  

     We had both our ceremony and reception at Boettcher Mansion and couldn't have been happier! The event coordinator was helpful throughout the entire process. The venue itself is fantastic, especially for people like us who wish to have a CO mountain wedding with beautiful views, but for out-of-towners still be relatively close to DIA.
    - Stacey J. & Sean B., married October 2011

     My husband and I got married [in] August at the Boettcher Mansion and I could not have dreamed of a better venue. The location was beautiful for everything we did photos, ceremony and reception on site. The building was beautiful creating a magical atmosphere for our big day, our friends and family adored it. The staff was also wonderful there, they were extremely helpful throughout the entire planning process and great the day of. We did get married on a Thursday to save money, but they never treated us as though we were paying less. If you are looking for a romantic Colorado wedding, this is the only place to go.
    - Jennifer S. & Auston W., married August 2011



     The biggest selling point for us is that they were dog friendly, and our dog could stay the whole time.
    - Chrissy C. & Andrew W., married July 2011

    If you want Colorado Mountain feel without Colorado Mountain Venue pricing, Boettcher Mansion is the perfect location! Our out of town guests (90% of our wedding guests) absolutely loved it, and felt like they were in the rugged Colorado that everyone hears so much about. The views are breathtaking, and the pictures turned out beautiful! We will caution you that if you want all of your guests inside for the reception, don't get too excited with the guest list! This venue is 120 max (inside)! Rain, shine, or even snow...we would certainly recommend this venue for the ceremony and reception! .
    - Amanda M. & Jim P., married July 2011 

    The location was beautiful, the weather was perfect! Overall this place is excellent for a wedding. Event staff member was excellent on day of the wedding
    .- Brandie W. & Reed G., married June 2011 

    Boettcher Mansion was the first venue we looked at when we started planning our wedding, and we are so happy we went with it.  When we first walked in we felt comfortable, it had a very open feeling to it and it was so warm. We instantly fell in love with the Fireside Room, there was so much room and ambiance to it. The staff was fantastic.  The venue is a little pricey for a place that does not provide a caterer, and charge a kitchen usage fee (cheaper if you use a preferred caterer) but we thought it was well worth it in the end to have the perfect wedding..
    - Susan T. & Andrew J., married June 2011 



    Everything went off without a hitch! We loved the 'Old World' style of Boettcher. Went perfectly with our 'Simple Elegance' theme. 
    - Kristin D. & Chris J., married February 2011

    The staff at Boettcher made our night the greatest night ever. They were very helpful in the time leading up to the wedding and got us through our rehearsal and our big day. We loved them. 
    - Ashley N. & Cody R., married December 2010

    My husband [and] I are natives of Colorado, so I really wanted to give my guests something to celebrate our heritage with. Boettcher Mansion fit the bill perfectly! Although the space was small, it was intimate and it made it look like the entire world came to our wedding.
    - Kristin P. & Erik W., married October 2010  



    We had a great wedding on October 1st. We enjoyed working with the Boettcher staff and were very pleased with how smooth things went, and how nice and accomodating everyone was. The weather was outstanding and the Mansion provided a great backdrop for awesome pictures. 
    - Suzanne F. & Mario G., married October 2010

    When we decided to get married, we wanted to find a unique venue that was close to Denver with great character and fantastic views. Boettcher Mansion absolutely fit the bill and we were so pleased with how our wedding and reception there turned out. The staff was very helpful and accommodating, and the building and setting were truly beautiful, especially on a warm summer evening. A few of the nice touches that make Boettcher Mansion stand out are the lovely patios and the Fireside Room, which have so much atmosphere that they don't need to be dressed with a lot of flowers or decorations. Also, you have a storage unit to put your wedding decor/items, and there's a lot of space for the wedding party to get ready. All in all, Boettcher Mansion was great value for money, and was a gorgeous backdrop for our dream wedding!
    - Alice L. & Thomas R., married August 2010

    This venue is fabulous. It gave us the "mountain" feel of a wedding without being miles from Denver. It was an easy location for our guests to get to and they really enjoyed the beautiful surroundings. You can't see the city from the venue so it made it feel extra special. The staff was so helpful and always available to answer questions. This venue is also great b/c they let you bring in your own alcohol which saves lots of $ and they let you choose from a long list of caterers to use. 
    - Danielle G. & Sean F., married August 2010

    From our very first visit, we knew that Boettcher Mansion would be the ideal setting for our outdoor, nature-themed wedding. The views are breathtaking the venue has a cozy, rustic feeling. The staff at Boettcher was extremely helpful and responsive. Every person we spoke with treated us with the utmost importance, which made us feel confident with our choice. On the day of the wedding, everything went smoothly, our walk-through contact was on top of everything, and the venue was in perfect condition.  Our only frustration was with the rehearsal time, which could not be confirmed until [14] days out. Since we had a Sunday wedding, the Saturday wedding took precedence over our rehearsal and we ended up pushing the rehearsal an hour earlier than planned, which threw off our dinner plans. I would just have a back up time and be willing to be flexible.  Overall, we could not be happier with the venue and its services. We got numerous comments on how whimsical it seemed. It is a gorgeous Colorado setting without being cheesy. We loved it! 
    - Shelby B. & Chris A., married August 2010

    This mansion provides a beautiful, mountain escape for a close-to-home convenience. Because it is such a popular spot to get married, there are usually weddings before/after each event, making it less flexible than would be ideal. 
    - Shoshana M. & Tim R., married August 2010 

    The Boettcher gives you the feeling of being in the mountains (beautiful trees and views) without the price tag of a mountain wedding. We also appreciated that it was relatively close to Denver so our friends didn't have to spring for a hotel room. The mansion itself has a very cozy vintage vibe, and the patio is a gorgeous backdrop for ceremonies. They do a lot of weddings, so the staff is professional and responsive. The only drawback is that evening ceremonies have to start at 7 pm unless you pay to reserve the entire day. 
    - Jessica S. & Michael R., married July 2010

    This venue was perfect. Our wedding reception was held in the late afternoon so we were able to take advantage of the natural light changes. This only enhanced this georgeous setting. It was just right for our small group (50) though it can hold many more, easily. The layout is very flexible for any style affair. The manager was very accomodating as were her staff. Very pleasant experience all without a prof. planner. 
    - Elizabeth W. & Larry L., married June 2010

    The Boettcher Mansion is a beautiful venue. It had that "Colorado" feel without having our guests drive 2-3 hours to get into the mountains. Everyone loved the venue and I thought it was a perfect size for a wedding of about 77 people. We didn't have to break down tables to make room for a dance floor and there was plenty of room to get around. The outside ceremony area accommodated all of our guests comfortably and I don't think there was a bad view in the house. At least none of the guests complained about it. A few locals even commented on how beautiful the Boettcher was, a lot of them have been up to Lookout Mountain but never stopped to check anything out. It's a beautiful venue inside and out and the people there were very quick with communications. They offer quite a few different catering options and you can even do your own catering if you're so inclined. They're not very flexible time wise and they're average price wise. Not the most expensive but not the cheapest either. One of their office employees went above and beyond after the wedding trying to return a couple of things to us. I would recommend Boettcher to a friend, beautiful place with responsive staff.
    - Leigh M. & Tyler Z., married August 2009

    My Husband and I completly loved it, We both love the Colorado Rockies and we both wanted to get married in the Rockies and as soon as we went there to view it we both loved it and booked it ASAP! It was also great that the price was hourly instead of a flat rate so it helped with are budget!
    - Alexis P. & Kurt H., married May 2009  

     I was very impressed with Boettcher Mansion. Not only did I have my wedding there, but so did one of my friends and both weddings were wonderful. They were very professional, nice and helped me to have a very beautiful and fun wedding. They are very flexible and allow you to bring in your own food and alcohol. Not only that, but they recommended some GREAT vendors which we ended up using. The food was delicious and the DJ was awesome. Overall, I would certainly recommend that you take a closer look at Boettcher Mansion.
    - Rachel K., married June 2007

    We saw our brick at the wedding and everyone was so happy, proud and impressed that you got it in before the wedding! The photographer got a spectacular photo of Tony and Nicole in the background slightly out of focus and the brick in focus. Very Cool! Thank you so much for all of your efforts to get it in on time. It is this kind of concern and care that makes events so special; you need to be proud of the job that you do for your clients. My husband and I agree that very few people these days take much pride in their work and have any sense of personal integrity; you certainly do! Many of our friends have commented on how beautifully everything went and how lovely the mansion is. We are tired, but extremely happy. You helped make it a truly memorable occasion. Thanks again.
    - Jane 

    The staff is very knowledgeable, helpful and professional - especially impressive because people planning weddings can be under stress! It was very helpful to meet before the wedding - seeing the layout, where changing rooms are, equipment in kitchen - made planning easier. We were planning long-distance so having advice on local vendors helped us. This is the most beautiful setting for a wedding and reception. An outdoor wedding at the mansion is a magical experience. The architecture and furniture are so beautiful you don't need much for decoration. Your kitchen equipment is great! Having two ovens made food prep easy. Thank you for all your help.
    - Andrea & Adrian

    You made our wedding everything we hoped it would be. The setting, staff and excellent service you provided made us and our guests able to relax and enjoy themselves as if they were at home. We were thrilled to hold our special event at such a historic and unique venue. Thank you for the time and effort you put into making this event possible for us.
    - Allison & Scott  

    Wonderful! I wish we had more weddings to plan! We, of course, feel that our wedding must have been the most wonderful wedding ever held anywhere. We attribute a lot of that to the wonderful venue and the great guidance we were given. Thank you so much!
    - Linda & Jerry  

    Our day was wonderful! We're thrilled we picked Boettcher Mansion! We loved the cocktail hour out front with the live music.
    - Maria & Sam  

    Excellent! Outstanding! Extremely helpful, knowledgeable, courteous, professional every step of the way! We couldn't have been happier :). It's a beautiful place! It was a magical day – we were blessed with perfect weather and outstanding, professional people working with us. We felt supported and special by everyone. Thank you so much!!
    - Kristen & Robert