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  • Adopted Budgets for Jefferson County


    Despite the current economic situation, Jefferson County's finances are healthy overall with strong fund balance reserves, low debt and an excellent credit rating. The county budget is organized by fund. Each one has a specific purpose and, in some instances, a restriction on how the money in the funds may be used.

    Where County Property Taxes Go

    • Public Safety (28 percent)
    • Health and Human Services (16 percent)
    • Development and Transportation (16 percent)
    • Culture and Recreation (16 percent)
    • Internal Services (16 percent)
      • Includes IT, Facilities, Fleet, etc.
    • Elected Officials (5 percent)
    • Governance (3 percent)
      • Includes Accounting, Budget, County Administrator, Human Resources, County Attorney, etc.


    See how this was all sorted in our previous adopted budgets.


    Last Updated: 4-3-2017