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  • Sequence of Inspections


    The following guidelines provide information regarding inspections and the correct sequence in which they should be requested by the contractor.

    Please have your permit number(s) available when requesting inspection(s). When inspection requests are being made for more than one permit, each request will be entered separately. This will expedite the process and helps ensure the proper inspection is being requested.

    Step 1. Foundation Inspection:

    • Nonengineered Footings and Foundation: Inspections will be made by the Jefferson County Division of Building Safety before concrete is poured.
    • Engineered Footing and Foundation: Footing, drilled piers and foundation plans stamped by a Colorado-registered professional engineer or architect will require inspections by the engineer and by the Jefferson County Division of Building Safety, as outlined in the Jefferson County Supplement to the 2012 International Building Codes, Appendix Chapter X (instructions for Completing the Foundation Compliance Form) Foundation Compliance Form. View form in PDF format.
      If Engineered Foundation is marked "YES" on your building card (inspection sign-off card), the Foundation Compliance Form shall be submitted to, and approved by, our office before requesting a final building inspection.
    • Concrete Encased Electrode: (UFER) installation observation may be required per Article 250.52A3 of the 2011 National Electrical Code.


    Step 2. Wall and/or Roof Sheathing:

    Provide access for inspector before covering.


    Step 3. Rough Inspections:

    In any order - electrical, mechanical, fireplace/gas log and plumbing, site-built shower pan, structural concrete slab or under-floor inspection.

    • Rough electrical inspection shall not be requested until the building is weathered in.
    • If applicable, a temporary building service inspection must be requested as a separate inspection along with the rough electrical. The temporary building service will be released after the rough electrical inspection has been made and approved.
    • If electric baseboard heat is installed, all baseboard panels must be mounted on sheetrock.
    • The installation of a required fire sprinkler system requires an inspection to be performed in compliance with Section 901.5.1 of the Jefferson County Supplement to the 2012 International Building Code by the fire district having jurisdiction.


    Step 4. Mid-roof Inspection:

    Inspection of material application/nailing pattern per manufacturer instructions, call for inspection when at least 10 percent, but not more than 25 percent, of application is applied. Manufacturer's instructions are required to be on-site for the inspection.

    • This inspection can be called in any sequence after the roof sheathing inspection has been approved.


    Step 5. Framing:

    Call only after all required rough inspections have been approved by the inspector AND entered into the computer system, usually after 4:30 p.m. the day of the inspection).

    • Improvement Location Certificate, if required, must be submitted to the Planning and Zoning division before a framing inspection can be scheduled.


    Step 6. Stucco Lathe


    Step 7. Insulation Inspection:

    An insulation inspection shall be made after the framing inspection (residential only).


    Step8. Fire Resistant Assemblies


    Step 9. Final Inspections:

    The following paperwork must be submitted before calling in for your final building inspection:

    • All open Planning and Zoning processes must be complete before requesting a final building inspection.
    • Foundation Compliance Form (provided by the Jefferson County Division of Building Safety) signed and stamped by a Colorado Registered Professional Engineer or Architect.
    • Engineered Documents required by the Building Safety division, so noted on your plans, signed and stamped by a Colorado Registered Professional Engineer or Architect.
    • Special Inspection Report - Fire Sprinkler System and Fire Alarm System - form provided by the Building Safety division.


    Residential/Commercial Final

    • Electrical, mechanical and plumbing finals must be approved before a final building inspection can be done.
    • The final electrical inspection will not be made without permanent power.





    Last Updated: 1-3-2014