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  • Explanation of Plan Review Fees per Jefferson County Supplement to International Codes



    Delete Section R108.2 of the 2012 International Residential Code in its entirety and substitute as follows:

    R108.2 - Schedule of permit fees. A fee for each building permit shall be paid to the building official as set forth in Appendix L. The determination of value or valuation under any of the provisions of this code shall be made by the building official. The value to be used in computing the building permit and building plan review fees shall be the total value of all construction work for which the permit is issued. All Division of Building Safety fees which contain a fraction of a dollar shall be rounded to the next-highest dollar.

    Add the following paragraph:

    R108.3 - Building permit valuations. The applicant for a permit shall provide an estimated value of all the work to be performed, including mechanical, electrical, and plumbing, at time of application. Final building permit valuation shall be as determined by the building official. Construction cost valuations may be adjusted accordingly, based on recommendations as published in the Buildings Safety Journal by the International Code Council.

    Add the following section:

    R108.4.4 - Plan review fee. When submittal documents are required by Section 106.1, a plan review fee equal to sixty-five (65) percent of the permit fee shall be charged on all permits. This fee may be required at time of submittal of the documents for plan review. Plan review fees may be waived by the building official for projects with a valuation of less than $50,000. Projects having received a Stop-work order may be charged a plan review fee regardless of valuation.

    The plan review fees specified in this section are separate fees from the permit fees specified in Section 108.2 and are in addition to the permit fees.

    Additional plan review fees required by changes, additions or revisions to plans may be charged in accordance with item 4 in Table 1-A.


    Last Updated: 1-2-2014