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  • Carbon Monoxide Alarms


    From the 2015 International Residential Code unless otherwise indicated.

    R315.1.1 Listings.

    Carbon monoxide alarms shall be listed in accordance with UL 2034.Combination carbon monoxide alarms and smoke alarms shall be listed in accordance with UL2034 and UL217.

    R315.2.1 - New Construction.

    For new construction, carbon monoxide alarms shall be provided in dwelling units where either or both of the following conditions exist.

    1. The dwelling unit contains a fuel-fired appliance.
    2. The dwelling unit has an attached garage with an opening that communicates with the dwelling unit.

    R315.2.2 Alterations, repairs and additions.

    Where alterations, repairs or additions requiring a permit occur, or where one or more sleeping rooms are added or created in existing dwellings, the individual dwelling unit shall be equipped with carbon monoxide alarms located as required for new dwellings.

    R315.3 - Location.

    Carbon monoxide alarms in dwelling units shall be installed outside of each seperate sleeping area in the immediate vicinity of the bedrooms.


    State law, HB09-1091, View exit disclaimer policy page for links to third-party websites. requires owners of dwelling units with either attached garages or fuel-fired appliances to install carbon monoxide alarms when the home undergoes "interior alterations, repairs, fuel-fired appliance replacement, or additions, any of which require a building permit."

    Last Updated: 1-13-2016