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  • Factory-Built Fireplace


    R1004.1 - General

    Factory-built fireplaces shall be listed and labeled, and shall be installed in accordance with the conditions of the listing. Factory-built fireplaces shall be tested in accordance with UL 127.
Every new fireplace shall have permanently installed either:

    1. Approved gas logs
    2. Other approved gas or alcohol-specific appliances
    3. An approved solid-fuel appliance insert meeting the most stringent emission standards for wood stoves established under state statute and/or regulations promulgated by the state Air Quality Control Commission View exit disclaimer policy page for links to third-party websites. (AQCC) as of the time of installation of the fireplace; or
    4. A solid-fuel burning device that is classified as exempt from - and not eligible for - certification under U.S. Environmental Agency (U.S. EPA) regulation 40CFR, part 40, subpart AAA for wood stoves but has been tested by an accredited testing agency to demonstrate its emission performance is in accordance with criteria and procedures not less stringent than those required by the U.S. EPA and/or AQCC for wood stoves manufactured after July 1, 1990, subject to the following:
(a) Emission performance approval of the solid-fuel burning device shall be based upon test results that demonstrate to the Jefferson County Division of Building Safety’s satisfaction that the solid-fuel burning device meets the emission performance requirements of the U.S. EPA and/or AQCC for wood stoves manufactured after July 1, 1990 (Effective January 1, 1991 - CC90-617).
    5. Unlisted fire pits shall not be permitted.



    Last Updated: 5-2-2013