• Meet Our Kids

    "Life is tough, but so are you." - Kid President


    There are many kids in need of a loving home, whether that be a foster or adoptive home. Get to know some of our kids!

  • Hear Their Voice

    Hear the real stories about foster care and adoption right from the source. We feel that there is no better person than from youth themselves to gain a better perspective of their experiences of being in foster care.

    • Royalty asset icon
      If I found out I was royalty, I would totally flip! I would be so excited. It’s actually a bit weird. I thought I was already a princess. Not technically, but sometimes I really do feel like one. I felt like a princess on my adoption day.
    • Why I Rhyme asset icon
      I think I rhyme to keep my mind straight. Doing what I love, blowing off anyone who hates. I just eat them up like they are sittin on my dinner plate.
  • As a certified Collaborative Foster Care Program family, you have access to children waiting for adoption in any of the three counties.  Follow the links below to each county’s page for information on the children waiting for adoption in their county.

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    Arapahoe County
    Adoption Program


    Douglas County
    Adoption Program


     Jefferson County
    Adoption Program