• Foster Care


    "Every kid is one caring adult away from being a success story." - John Shipp 


     cfcp-foster-care-diegoWhat is foster care?

    Foster care is temporary care of a youth until permanency can be achieved; this can last anywhere from overnight to several months and even years. Youth are removed from their home only when immediate safety concerns exist. We ask that foster parents commit to caring for a youth until they can return home, emancipate or are adopted (if parental rights are terminated).




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  • Goal of Reunification

    From the time a youth is removed from their home, their caseworker and child welfare team work diligently to plan for permanency for the youth. Permanency is achieved through reunification, long term placement with a relative or kin, emancipation or adoption.

    We partner with families to determine next steps and support that needs to be in place to address the concerns that led the department to become involved with their family. Our main priority is safety and well-being for the youth, and we value the bond and relationships youth have with their family. We believe youth have a better chance at success when they are with family; therefore, reunification with the family is our main goal.

    If a youth is unable to safely return home, and there are no other family members able to care for them, the very last resort is termination of parental rights. When this occurs, a child may be available for adoption. A child over the age of 12 has the right to consent to their own adoption; therefore, if they wish to be adopted, we will do everything we can to match them with an adoptive family.