• Begin Your Journey into Foster Care

    "It's a long and frustrating road, you will cry and fight and abandon and rekindle your will time and time again, but in the end it will all be worth it." - Unknown


    Open your heart and open your home to a youth in need. We are ready to take this journey with you. We estimate the process to become certified with our program will take approximately 5.6 months (24 weeks). Here are the steps needed to begin your journey into foster care with Arapahoe, Douglas and Jefferson County Human Services.

    Process graphic


    Step 1: Information Night

    Information night will provide you with a brief overview of the youth in foster care, the role of a foster parent, and the process to becoming certified with the Collaborative Foster Care Program. Attendance at Information Night is required before you are provided pre-application paperwork and before you begin the Pre-Service Training.

    Step 2: Pre-application Paperwork and Meeting

    Pre-application paperwork is provided to you at Information Night.Once you submit the pre-application, we will schedule a meeting with you to discuss your desires to become a foster family.

    Step 3: Pre-service Training

    As a prospective foster family, you are required to attend 30 hours of Pre-Service Training provided by the Collaborative Foster Care Program.

    Step 4: Application

    As a prospective family, you will submit the following as part of the pre-service training curriculum:

    • Signed and initialed Collaborative Foster Care Program Agreement
    • Colorado Department of Human Services Original Application to Care for Children (CWS-61), including an Affidavit of US Citizenship
    • Background Check Consent Form
    • Release of Information form for:
      • Previous agencies where applied, certified, or had a completed home study, if applicable
      • Therapeutic services for any household member within the last five years
    • Signed Medical and Recreational Marijuana Attestation indicating no active status/use
    • Copies of driver’s licenses, insurance and car registration for all persons providing transportation
    • Family photo
    • SAFE Questionnaire I for each applicant
    • Health evaluations for all household members
    • CPR/First Aid Certification
    • Criminal record checks including CBI and FBI fingerprint checks for all adults (18 and over) in the home
    • Financial statement & copies of recent tax return
    • Three references (only one of which can be a family member)


    Step 5: Safe Home Study Process

    As a prospective foster family, you must participate in the Structured Analysis Family Evaluation (SAFE) home study process. A SAFE home study is an overall assessment of the physical and emotional environment of the home and the family. Interviews are conducted with each member of your household.

    Step 6: Approval, Withdrawal or Denial of Application

    The home study is reviewed by our program regarding your family’s strengths and/or challenges and a decision will be made regarding approval or denial of the foster care application.

    • If approved, your family will become eligible for one or more children to be placed in your home.
    • You are able to withdraw from the application process at any time by informing a member of our team. If certification is not suitable for either the prospective foster family or the program, application withdrawal may be requested.
    • If denied, your family will receive written notification and instructions for submitting an appeal, if desired.