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Family Scientific Name Common Name Origin Image?
Flax - Linaceae Adenolinum lewisii WILD BLUE FLAX native     Yes
Onion - Alliaceae Allium cernuum NODDING ONION native     Yes
Onion - Alliaceae Allium geyeri GEYER ONION native     Yes
Rose - Rosaceae Amelanchier alnifolia SASKATOON SERVICEBERRY native     Yes
Stonecrop - Crassulaceae Amerosedum lanceolatum YELLOW STONECROP native     Yes
Grass - Poaceae Anisantha tectorum DOWNY BROME alien     No
Sunflower - Asteraceae Antennaria parvifolia DWARF PUSSYTOES native     Yes
Sunflower - Asteraceae Arctium minus COMMON BURDOCK alien     Yes
Sunflower - Asteraceae Artemisia frigida FRINGED MOUNTAIN SAGE native     Yes
Milkweed - Asclepiadaceae Asclepias speciosa SHOWY MILKWEED native     Yes
Borage - Boraginaceae Asperugo procumbens MADWORT alien     Yes
Mustard - Brassicaceae Barbarea orthoceras WINTERCRESS native     No
Grass - Poaceae Bromopsis inermis SMOOTH BROME alien     No
Bellflower - Campanulaceae Campanula rotundifolia HAREBELL native     Yes
Sunflower - Asteraceae Carduus acanthoides PLUMELESS THISTLE alien     No
Sunflower - Asteraceae Carduus nutans MUSK THISTLE alien     Yes
Chickweed - Alsinaceae Cerastium strictum MOUSE-EAR CHICKWEED native     Yes
Rose - Rosaceae Cercocarpus montanus MOUNTAIN MAHOGANY native     Yes
Mustard - Brassicaceae Chorispora tenella BLUE MUSTARD alien     Yes
Sunflower - Asteraceae Chrysothamnus nauseosus COMMON RABBITBRUSH native     No
Sunflower - Asteraceae Cirsium vulgare BULL THISTLE alien     Yes
Purslane - Portulacaceae Claytonia rosea SPRING BEAUTY native     Yes
Figwort - Scrophulariaceae Collinsia parviflora BLUE-EYED MARY native     Yes
Parsley - Apiaceae Conium maculatum POISON HEMLOCK alien     No
Morning Glory - Convolvulaceae Convolvulus arvensis FIELD BINDWEED alien     Yes
Orchid - Orchidaceae Corallorhiza maculata SPOTTED CORALROOT native     Yes
Buttercup - Ranunculaceae Coriflora hirsutissima SUGARBOWLS native     Yes
Hellebore - Helleboraceae Delphinium nuttallianum NELSON LARKSPUR native     Yes
Pink - Caryophyllaceae Dianthus armeria DEPTFORD PINK alien     No
Sunflower - Asteraceae Erigeron flagellaris WHIPLASH DAISY native     Yes
Sunflower - Asteraceae Erigeron speciosus SHOWY DAISY native     Yes
Geranium - Geraniaceae Erodium cicutarium REDSTEM FILAREE alien     Yes
Mustard - Brassicaceae Erysimum capitatum ALPINE WALLFLOWER native     Yes
Rose - Rosaceae Fragaria virginiana WILD STRAWBERRY native     Yes
Geranium - Geraniaceae Geranium caespitosum PARRY GERANIUM native     Yes
Parsley - Apiaceae Harbouria trachypleura WHISK-BROOM PARSLEY native     Yes
Mustard - Brassicaceae Hesperis matronalis DAME'S ROCKET alien     Yes
Mustard - Brassicaceae Iberis amara CANDYTUFT alien     No
Iris - Iridaceae Iris missouriensis WILD IRIS native     Yes
Hydrangea - Hydrangeaceae Jamesia americana WAXFLOWER native     Yes
Figwort - Scrophulariaceae Linaria vulgaris BUTTER AND EGGS alien     Yes
Parsley - Apiaceae Lomatium orientale SALT-AND-PEPPER native     Yes
Pea - Fabaceae Lupinus argenteus SILVERY LUPINE native     Yes
Barberry - Berberidaceae Mahonia repens CREEPING HOLLYGRAPE native     Yes
Pink - Caryophyllaceae Melandrium dioicum WHITE CAMPION alien     Yes
Borage - Boraginaceae Mertensia lanceolata FOOTHILL MERTENSIA native     Yes
Pea - Fabaceae Oxytropis lambertii LAMBERT LOCO native     Yes
Rose - Rosaceae Padus virginiana CHOKECHERRY native     Yes
Figwort - Scrophulariaceae Penstemon secundiflorus ONE-SIDED PENSTEMON native     Yes
Figwort - Scrophulariaceae Penstemon virens BLUEMIST PENSTEMON native     Yes
Pine - Pinaceae Pinus ponderosa PONDEROSA PINE native     Yes
Rose - Rosaceae Prunus americana WILD PLUM native     Yes
Parsley - Apiaceae Pseudocymopterus montanus MOUNTAIN PARSLEY native     Yes
Pine - Pinaceae Pseudotsuga menziesii DOUGLAS-FIR native     Yes
Gooseberry - Grossulariaceae Ribes cereum WAX CURRANT native     Yes
Rose - Rosaceae Rosa woodsii WOODS ROSE native     Yes
Cypress - Cupressaceae Sabina scopulorum ROCKY MOUNTAIN JUNIPER native     Yes
Mint - Lamiaceae Scutellaria brittonii SKULLCAP native     Yes
Pea - Fabaceae Thermopsis divaricarpa SPREADFRUIT GOLDEN BANNER native     Yes
False Hellebore - Melanthiaceae Toxicoscordion venenosum DEATH CAMAS native     Yes
Sunflower - Asteraceae Tragopogon dubius YELLOW SALSIFY alien     Yes
Figwort - Scrophulariaceae Verbascum thapsus MULLEIN alien     Yes
Agave - Agavaceae Yucca glauca YUCCA native     Yes

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