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PACIFIC ANEMONE - Anemone multifida

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Scientific Name: Anemone multifida
Subspecies: two subsp. in CO: globosa and saxicola differ with globosa common and with rose colored tepals (undifferentiated petals and sepals) and saxicola rare and with white or cream tepals.
Derivation: mutifida - many times divided.
Family: Buttercup - Ranunculaceae
Species Characteristics: achenes (small, dry, one-seeded fruit) wooly; receptacle globose (round) to oval; basal leaves divided into 5 or more narrow divisions and pubescent (hairy).
Mature Height: to 18 inches.
Mature Spread: 6 inches.
Flower Color: pink to reddish or white.
Flower Symmetry: radial
Fruit Type: achene (small, dry, indehiscent - does not open upon maturity - fruit with a thin close-fitting wall surrounding a single seed).
Leaf Type: palmately (divided once into leaflets - like a hand) dissected.
Origin: native
Frequency: common
Growth Form: herbaceous
Life Cycle: perennial
Class: angiosperm (plant with covered seed).
SubClass: dicot (plants with two seed leaves and netted leaf veins).
Season of Bloom: late spring to late summer (May - Aug.).
Life Zone: foothills to alpine.
Habitat: open, dry forests.
Eco. Relationships: flowers in this family offer exposed nectar to polllinators and are especially favored by hoverflies as a food source; this family is also one of the few characterized by protogyny, a feature of more primitive families where the female parts mature before the male parts of the flower as a strategy to avoid self-pollination.

Origin: native

Landscaping Use: background, border, mass, wildflower and woodland gardens, cut flower.
Moisture Requirement: moderate
Light Requirement: full sun to partial shade.
Soil Requirement: moist, rich, well-drained.

Human Toxicity: contact with plant sap may irritate skin.
Edibility: members of this genus are poisonous to humans and livestock if ingested.
Other Uses: insect repellent.

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