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WOOD LILY - Lilium philadelphicum

Common Name: WOOD LILY
Scientific Name: Lilium philadelphicum
Derivation: philadelphicum - of Philadelphia.
Family: Lily - Liliaceae
Species Characteristics: six tepals (undifferentiated petals/sepals) bright orange, spotted.
Mature Height: to 2 feet.
Mature Spread: 1 to 2 feet.
Flower Color: orange
Flower Symmetry: radial
Fruit Color: green
Leaf Type: simple (not divided into similar parts).
Leaf/Leaflet Shape: lanceolate (lance-shaped).
Origin: native
Frequency: rare
Growth Form: herbaceous
Life Cycle: perennial
Class: angiosperm (plant with covered seed).
SubClass: monocot (plants with one seed leaf and parallel veins).
Season of Bloom: early to mid-summer (Jun. - Jul.).
Life Zone: foothills/montane.
Habitat: aspen groves, moist meadows, forest openings.

Origin: native

Landscaping Use: specimen, border, mass, wildflower garden and cut flower.
Soil Requirement: well-drained, slightly acidic, high organic matter.


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