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    Development and Transportation Director Jeanie RossillonJeanie Rossillon, who has worked for Jefferson County for 26 years, is the Director of the Department of Development and Transportation (D&T).

    Rossillon served for many years as the Assistant Director of Transportation and Engineering (T&E) under T&E Director Zeke Zebauers. Upon his retirement in May, 2010, she became the Director. Her appointment as the Director of D&T Department was official July 1, 2010.

    Over the years, Jeanie has had several roles and positions in T&E, including Development Review Engineer and Supervisor of both the Design section and Traffic & Transportation group. As Department Director, Jeanie will report directly to the County Administrator and oversee the Planning & Zoning, Building Safety, Road & Bridge, Transportation & Engineering and the Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport.

    “Jeanie is a solid and dedicated professional with outstanding credentials and experience, which will be an asset in her new leadership role,” County Administrator Ralph Schell said. “Many of the projects she has headed in the transportation and engineering field have involved multiple departments and agencies. She has worked strategically, demonstrating strengths in planning, transportation and public policy; and always worked to ensure what is best for Jefferson County.”

    In recent years, Rossillon said citizens have started to demand transportation that accommodates multiple modes of transportation, which entails working not only with bikers and pedestrians but also other citizens who are impacted by this demand. The major roadways of the county were built, in ways that make it increasingly important to identify the needs and spaces for bikers and pedestrians. For example, most mountain roads were never designed for anything but cars, but lifestyles are changing and cyclists are increasingly using these roads, causing safety issues and accessibility concerns. This is a fundamental shift in the way the county plans transportation and works to retrofit what we already have.

    Additionally, the county has shifted from one with rapid development to one that is almost built out. As with everything, infrastructure continues to age and become outdated. Jefferson County has bridges that are 50 to 60 years old and will be in need of major repair. Many traffic signals are 20 to 30 years old, with controllers that run on old technology.

    Rossillon sees both challenges and opportunities. Bridges can be repaired or rebuilt with an eye to how citizens now use our roadways. Also, technology continues to change, and Jefferson County has an opportunity to change with it.

    Rossillon has a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from CSU and a Masters degree in Engineering from the University of Colorado at Denver.

    Last Updated: 5-3-2013