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  • Adult Diversion Contract Items


    Every defendant accepted into the Adult Diversion Program signs several agreements in court, including a guilty plea and a Stipulation and Order for Deferred Judgment (known as the “stips”). These stips include both mandatory items for all defendants, and “offense specific” items which are designed to help the defendant overcome issues that led to the criminal offense and to expand their life skills to help them be successful, non-offending adult members of the community. Defendants are responsible for ALL costs associated with any contract items.

    Mandatory Contract Items

    • No further criminal violations
    • Truthfully answer all questions asked by Diversion Officers’
    • Report all contact with police/law enforcement within 24 hours
    • No weapons possession
    • Remain in Colorado; travel permit required to leave
    • Pay all court costs, fines, restitution, and Diversion Supervision
    • Maintain steady, full-time employment (part-time with approval)
    • Maintain established residence in Denver Metro area
    • Minimum 48 hours Community Service Work
    • Alcohol and Drug Evaluation
    • Breathalyzer Call-Ins
    • No drug use – monitored scans
    • Drug/alcohol treatment as determined
    • Mental Health Evaluation and/or Treatment, as determined
    • Drive only with Valid Drivers License and Insurance


    Offense Specific Contract Items

    Determined individually for each defendant:

    • No alcohol use
    • Random alcohol and/or drug use monitoring, frequency determined by substance use history
    • Drug or alcohol treatment, from peer support to out-patient to in-patient, depending on history
    • Mental health treatment, from out-patient to in-patient, depending on history and mental health evaluation
    • Domestic Violence Treatment, including possible group and individual treatment, as determined by Domestic Violence Offender Management Board standards
    • Theft Class
    • Anger Management Classes
    • Ethics Class
    • Victim Empathy Class


    Life Skills Contract Items

    Determined individually for each defendant:

    • Parenting Classes
    • Budget Classes
    • Workforce Development Counseling
    • GED/HS Diploma/Vocational Training
    • Men’s Group
    • Women’s Support Group
    • Conflict Resolution Class
    • Stress Management/Assertiveness/Self-Esteem Class



    Last Updated: 5-31-2013