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  • Eligibility Criterion for the Adult Diversion Program


    First-time, low risk, non-violent felony offenders may be eligible for the Adult Diversion Program. Defendants with prior non-violent misdemeanor offenses may be eligible, depending on the number and disposition of their prior misdemeanor offenses. To be eligible, the defendant MUST:

    • Freely admit guilt
    • Be willing to complete all of the terms of the Adult Diversion Program (contract)
    • Refrain from any further criminal activity


    Typical felony charges accepted for the Adult Diversion Program include:

    • Burglary (non-dwelling)
    • Burglary tools possession
    • Drug possession including obtaining by fraud, forged prescription
    • Forgery
    • Fraud (e.g., forgery, credit/financial device use/possession)
    • Impersonation
    • Trespass
    • Mischief
    • Tampering
    • Theft, theft receiving, theft of rental property


    Defendants with the following charges, in exceptional circumstances, MAY be considered for Diversion if they meet the criterion above, after review by the chief deputy district attorney, the Diversion Council and the diversion staff:

    • Burglary, if residential
    • Cases in which restitution will be greater than $20,000
    • Crimes against children
    • Crimes against at-risk persons (e.g. elderly, disabled)
    • Crimes of violence (e.g., assaults, menacing, stalking)
    • Drug distribution, manufacture or cultivation
    • Habitual traffic offender
    • Identity theft
    • Motor vehicle theft (aggravated) – only if linked to identity theft
    • Multiple cases pending in any jurisdiction
    • Multiple offenses that are not a part of a single episode
    • Property crimes accomplished by force, threats, intimidation
    • Vehicular assault
    • Weapon use involved


    These are considered “Exception” cases. See Diversion Council.

    Last Updated: 7-16-2013