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    The District Attorney's Consumer Fraud Specialist cannot give advise. They may assist in determining if a complaint is civil or criminal, and refer to the appropriate agency. The District Attorney's Office cannot be a substitute for small claims court or any other civil remedies.

    Things to Consider When Submitting a Complaint

    When accepting complaints, the Consumer Fraud Specialist must follow specific rules and guidelines, including:

    • The transaction must have occurred in Jefferson or Gilpin County;
    • Money was paid, but no work was performed;
    • The company has a provable history of partially performing the contracted work, and the money paid grossly exceeds the value of the work;
    • The merchant has violated a criminal statute;
    • The company violated the Colorado Consumer Protection Act.


    Our ability to help consumers is often limited. The District Attorney's Office does not have jurisdiction over all forms of consumer fraud complaints. 

    Some of the areas we investigate and enforce include:

    • Nonperformance of contracts or agreements for car repairs, home remodeling and construction, landscaping, etc.
    • Partial performance on contracts or agreements, if a pattern of such activity develops and is provable.
    • Bait-and-switch sales.
    • Fraudulent phone or mail solicitations.
    • Alleged criminal wrongdoing in vehicle repairs or appliance repair.
    • Alleged criminal wrongdoing in contract sales.