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    Hearing Aid Dealer Complaints

    The Attorney General's Office or the District Attorney's Office may become involved in a hearing aid dispute if the merchant violates section 6-1-701 of the Colorado Revised Statutes. The Statute provides consumers the right to:

    • Have a registered audiologist perform the exam.
    • Work with a registered dealer.
    • Obtain a 30-day trial period (which can be extended by mutual agreement between the buyer and seller).
    • Obtain a receipt that:
      • bears the business address of the dealer;
      • includes the make and serial number of the hearing aid being purchased;
      • provides notice if the hearing aid is used or reconditioned;
      • gives written notice that the dealer's practice must not be regarded as medical opinion;
      • includes warranty terms;
      • shows your right to cancel the purchase for any reason before the end of the 30-day rescission period; and the right of the merchant to retain a portion of money to cover the minimum costs of materials and manufacturer fee return, but no more than 5 percent.
    • Notice that the contract is void and unenforceable if the aid is not delivered within 30 days after the date the contract was written.


    For complaints other than those mentioned above, contact the following agencies:

    Last Updated: 7-23-2013
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