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    Contact the Tenant Landlord Hotline at 303-237-0230 for counseling and advice.


    Colorado Revised Statute 38-12-103 regulates the return of security deposits. Refer to the statute by accessing the Colorado General Assembly website, View exit disclaimer policy page for links to third-party websites. select the “Statutes and Session Law” link in the left navigation field, then "Colorado Revised Statutes and Constitution.” The statute requires the landlord return the security deposit within one month after the lease has been terminated or the surrender of the premises, whichever occurs last, unless a longer period has been specified in the lease (not more than 60 days). The landlord may retain part of the security deposit for damages; however, the landlord may not retain any of the deposit for normal wear and tear.


    If a landlord believes there is cause to retain part of the deposit, a written notice must be given to the tenant listing the exact reasons for the retention. The landlord must send the notice and return the portion of the deposit that will not be retained to the tenant's last known address.


    The landlord forfeits the right to retain any portion of the deposit if he or she fails to provide notice within the one-month to 60-day period (depending on the timeframe specified in the lease). If the landlord unlawfully retains any portion of the security deposit, the tenant may have the right to sue for triple damages in Small Claims Court.

    Last Updated: 7-23-2013
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