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    Volunteer Diversion Officer – Domestic Violence Program


    • Must have an interest in working with domestic violence offenders
    • Must be 21 years of age
    • Have no criminal record
    • Willing to make a 12 month commitment
    • Have some skill working with people


    Job Description:

    The duties of a Volunteer Diversion Officer include:

    • Supervising perpetrators of domestic violence (supervision meetings at least once per month)
    • Establishing a treatment plan for the offender
    • Monitoring treatment progress of the offender/perpetrator with certified domestic violence treatment provider
    • Keeping case notes of each supervision session
    • Doing follow-up on offenders who have missed appointments (either supervision or treatment)
    • Reporting all violations of Diversion to VDO Supervisor
    • Processing the case for offenders who are terminated successfully from supervision
    • Complete revocation paperwork for offenders terminated unsuccessfully
    • Some court involvement is possible


    For more information, please contact: Bill Gayzik, Adult Diversion Volunteer Coordinator, 720-497-7804

    Last Updated: 5-31-2013