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  • Misdemeanor Domestic Violence Program Requirements


    All participants in the Misdemeanor Domestic Violence Program are required to:

    • Report any contact with police or law enforcement agency.
    • Cooperate with diversion supervision.
    • Remain in Colorado.
    • No drug use allowed – including NO medical marijuana.
    • No alcohol use.
    • Restitution, if applicable.
    • No firearm possession.
    • Maintain established residence in Denver metro area.
    • Pay all court ordered fees.
    • Domestic Violence Treatment: per Domestic Violence Offender Management Board (DVOMB) guidelines.
    • No serious moving traffic violations (driving under restraint, habitual traffic offender, careless driving resulting in death or serious bodily injury, or any 12 point violation or accumulation of violations in a single episode).
    • Defendant is not to commit any alcohol related offenses.
    • Defendant is not to commit any criminal violations.
    • Diversion supervision fee - $360.


    In addition, Misdemeanor Domestic Violence program offenders, depending on their criminal activity and other issues, may be required to participate in:

    • Alcohol/drug evaluation/treatment
    • Parenting classes
    • Mental health evaluation/treatment
    • Other classes, treatment, or groups as determined by the diversion officer

    Last Updated: 5-31-2013