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    The District Attorney’s Office recognizes that offenses committed against victims require a specialized approach for successful prosecution and protection of those victims. 

    Crimes against children may present unique challenges because children are easily intimidated and often they are related or well-known to the offenders they may love and trust. They are also cognitively less developed than their adult counterparts. In our Crimes Against Children Unit prosecutors, investigators and victim advocates work together address all of the issues they face to bring justice for these vulnerable victims.

    Family Violence, which includes domestic violence, is another category of crimes which often requires specialized training and techniques.  Because of emotional and financial dependency which is perpetuated though the cycle of violence, women are often reluctant to testify and cooperate with prosecutors and law enforcement.  It is not uncommon for family violence victims to withdraw or change their statements. Fear of injury or death, emotional and financial dependency, uncertainty, poor self-esteem, and isolation are some of the reasons these victims recant.  

    Last Updated: 7-10-2013