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    Predators use the internet as a gateway to victims because of the anonymity and the ability to lure children with minimal detection and apprehension. This same anonymity is capitalized upon by highly trained Cheezo investigators to catch these predators.

    The Child Sex Offender Internet Investigations Unit, known as Cheezo, is now within the Sheriff's Office at Jefferson County, and at the forefront of the commitment to ensure the safety of our children.

    Not only has this unit made more than 920 arrests since it's inception in 2005, it gives 150 Internet and cell phone safety presentations to kids each year. If parents have any concerns or questions about your child being approached online, or to book a presentation, please email us at cheezo@jeffco.us or call us at 303-271-6766. Please leave your name, the law enforcement jurisdiction you reside in and a phone number where you can be reached.

    Find all of the information about this program in the Sheriff's Office website, CHEEZO pages >>


    Last Updated: 2-27-2017