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  • Juvenile Diversion Program - Eligibility Criterion


    The Juvenile Diversion Program is available for first-time non-violent offenders at the district court level. Juveniles with prior convictions in municipal court may also be eligible, depending on the number of prior offenses and the juvenile’s performance on municipal probation, where applicable. No juvenile who has previously been accepted into the Diversion program, whether or not successfully completed, is eligible. Juvenile’s whose offense was violent, but did not result in serious injury to the victim, may be considered with approval of the chief deputy district attorney supervising the Juvenile Diversion Program.

    For consideration, the juvenile must:

    • Be a first time offender, or have only low-level municipal prior offenses
    • Accept full responsibility for and plead guilty to their offense
    • Be willing to complete the terms of the Juvenile Diversion Program (see contract items)
    • Live in the Denver Metro area, and be willing to participate in supervision in Jefferson County


    Last Updated: 5-31-2013