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    Life in Prison for Murder and Arson in Lakewood

    (GOLDEN, CO — July 6, 2011) Britt Alan Cox, 42, was sentenced last week to life in prison for the murder of 49-year-old Bonni Gilbert Bergen in July, 2009. Bonni was at her home at 11905 W. 20th Avenue in Lakewood in the early morning hours of July 28, 2009, when Cox broke in and shot her in the head.

    Later in the evening of July 28, Cox returned to Bonni’s home with gasoline which he poured throughout the house. He ignited the fuel causing an explosion and fire. On July 27, the day before Cox shot Bonni and set the house on fire, he broke into her house when she was not at home and stole tools. During one of the trips to 11905 W. 29th, Cox stole Bonni’s green Chevy Blazer. He bought a can of spray paint and had begun to paint the car to conceal that it was stolen. Instead, he punched a hole in the gas tank and used the gas from Bonni’s car to set the fire.

    After Cox was identified and arrested, police noticed that his hair had been singed off and that his skin looked burned. Cox made statements to his friends that he had used too much gasoline and that the explosion blew him out of the house. Cox was arrested at a storage locker in Westminster a few days after the murder and fire.

    Bonni and Cox knew each other and had mutual friends. They and their friends often used methamphetamine together. Bonni had suffered from mental illness in recent years and she had begun using illegal drugs. At the sentencing hearing, her ex-husband said Bonni had been a good mom to their two sons before the mental illness and drug abuse took over. Bonni had degrees in biology and environmental design. In her younger years it is reported that she worked as an interpretive guide at Mesa Verde for the National Park Service. She also worked at Yellowstone National Park during the forest fires in 1988.

    Cox offered two motives for killing Bonni. He said that she owed him money for drugs and also for work that he’d done for her. Cox also told his friends that she was a “snitch” after police found a stolen motorcycle that Cox was hiding on Bonni’s property when she lived in Coal Creek.

    Following a three week trial in May, a Jefferson County jury found Cox guilty of Felony Murder, Aggravated Robbery, 1st Degree Arson, 2nd Degree Arson, two counts of Aggravated Motor Vehicle Theft, Tampering with Physical Evidence, and two counts of Burglary. He was sentenced on July 1 to life in prison without the possibility of parole plus 30 years in prison.

    Two other men were also charged for having a role in the death of Bonni Gilbert Bergen. Christopher White was charged with 20 counts including First Degree Murder, Felony Murder, Arson, and Motor Vehicle Theft. His case is pending and his next court date is August 26. Gene Abbott pled guilty to Attempted Accessory to Murder on April 21, 2011. He will be sentenced on July 25.

    Pam Russell
    DA Public Information

    July 6, 2011

    Last Updated: 6-27-2013
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