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    Arvada Man Sentenced to Life in Prison for Murdering his Father

    David Paul Arledge, 34, was in court on March 4 where he was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for killing his father, Floyd Carl Arledge, II in 2010. A Jefferson County jury found him guilty of first degree murder on February 7, 2013.

    David Arledge had previously lived with his father at 6707 Depew Street, in Arvada. He had moved out of the Depew Street residence following a dispute with his father. On September 10, 2010 David Arledge returned to the house and shot and killed his father.

    Michael Arledge, David Arledge’s cousin, was living at the house with Floyd Arledge, II when he was killed. Michael was in another part of the house when he heard the shots. After David Arledge left Michael went to Floyd’s bedroom and found him dying on the floor next to his bed.

    After killing his father, David Arledge left Arvada and drove to Salida. Two days later he turned himself into Thornton police.

    “We are pleased with the outcome of this case and hope it brings some sense of justice to the family of Floyd Arledge, II,” said District Attorney Peter Weir. “The Arvada Police Department did an excellent job with this investigation. They went so far as to build a full-sized replica of the crime scene in the basement of the courthouse to assist jurors in understanding exactly what happened to Mr. Arledge.”

    At the sentencing hearing on March 4, David Arledge asked the court to allow him to waive his appearance since he knew he would be sentenced to life in prison. In a motion filed with the court, prosecutors said that under the Victims’ Rights Act, Arledge’s non-appearance would diminish the rights’ of the victims to be heard. It went on to say that victims are to be honored and protected by the criminal justice system and should be done so no less vigorously that the protection afforded to criminal defendant. District Judge Chris Bachmeyer denied Arledge’s request to not appear.

    During the investigation, Arvada police contacted David Arledge’s brother, Floyd Arledge, III, who provided them with blatantly false information as they were attempting to locate David Arledge.

    Floyd Arledge, III, was arrested and charged for his attempts to mislead police and obstruct the investigation. In June, 2011 a Jefferson County jury found Floyd Arledge, III guilty of accessory to murder. He was sentenced to three years Intensive Supervision Probation and 90 days jail.

    Pam Russell
    DA Public Information

    March 6, 2013

    David Arledge

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