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    DA Warns Parents to Beware of Free App called KeepSafe

    District Attorney Pete Weir is warning parents about a new, online app that kids are using called KeepSafe. The free app, once loaded onto a cell phone, Ipad or tablet, is a storage center, or a vault, for photos that users want to hide. KeepSafe requires a password for anyone to access what is stored inside the vault.

    With so many free apps available today, it is difficult for even the most diligent parent to keep track of everything their kids have loaded onto their devices. DA Investigator Mike Harris suggests that parents take the time and regularly go through their child’s electronic device and familiarize themselves with the apps they use. If parents discover an app that requires a password, that should be a red flag requiring further action.

    Investigator Harris runs the District Attorney’s Child Sex Offender Internet Investigations (CHEEZO) Unit. They teach internet and cell phone safety classes for kids in schools and for adults in the community. Investigator Harris says that when they go into a school, one of the most important things they tell kids is that, “If you have to hide it, don’t take it.”

    “It is imperative that parents stay active in their children’s online activities,” said DA Weir, “Parents should communicate with their children and provide structure and supervision. While it may be tempting, as a parent, to give children the freedom to make their own online decisions, responsible adults recognize that this can actually put them in danger.”

    Pam Russell
    DA Public Information

    May 3, 2013

    Last Updated: 6-7-2013
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