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    Phishing Scam Targeting Seniors in Jefferson County

    District Attorney Peter Weir is warning consumers to be wary of callers who identify themselves as employees of the “Jefferson County Profits and Services Division”, the Clerk and Recorders Office or other governmental offices. While there is a Clerk and Recorder in Jefferson County, there is no such thing as a “County Profits and Services Division.”

    The District Attorney’s Fraud Unit has taken complaints from citizens reporting calls from a polite, soft spoken male who identifies himself as an employee of one of these county offices. The male caller tells the citizen that they (the citizen) are in trouble and need to call another office. He provides the number for them to call. “The citizens who have contacted our office say that the gentle demeanor and concern in the man’s voice make them believe that the call is legitimate,” says District Attorney Weir, “Scammers use many different techniques to try to win consumer trust.”

    The number provided by the scammer will connect an unsuspecting consumer to someone identifying themselves as a representative of a private law firm. The consumer is then told that they have engaged in a criminal act and will be receiving legal papers.

    Many of the calls reference an outstanding bill. Colorado does not have a debtor’s prison and law enforcement will not arrest a debtor for failure to pay a debt (except for instances where a judge has ordered a bench warrant for failure to appear or failure to comply).

    District Attorney Weir reminds consumers, “Beware of callers threatening unwarranted legal actions against you. Only a law enforcement agency or the District Attorney’s Office can charge someone with a criminal act. Using threats, scammers hope to convince consumers to provide their personal information to prevent any sort of trouble. This is simply another phishing scheme. Consumers should never provide financial or personal information over the telephone or internet.”

    Anyone who receives such call can contact the governmental office to verify information or contact their local police agency to report a scam. In Jefferson and Gilpin counties, consumers can contact the District Attorney’s Fraud Hotline at 303-271-6980 or 303-271-6931 with questions or concerns.

    Pam Russell
    DA Public Information

    April 1, 2013

    Last Updated: 6-7-2013
  • The filing of a criminal charge is merely a formal accusation that an individual has committed a crime(s).
    A defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty. See Colo. RPC 3.6.