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    22 Years to Life in Prison for Eric Garcia for Attacks on Three Women

    Eric Jose Garcia, 37, was sentenced today for attacking and attempting to sexually assault three women in December, 2012. The Lakewood man was given an indeterminate prison sentence for a period of 22 years to his natural life.

    On December 18, Garcia left a Lakewood restaurant, following a woman who would become his first victim. He did not know the 29-year-old woman. She was driving home from the restaurant when she became aware that she was being followed. Instead of going home, she drove to the Arvada Police Department. Garcia pulled in and parked perpendicular to her car, blinding her. He ran to the driver side window and attempted to break into the car through the window. The woman was able to back out and escape from the parking lot.

    After the thwarted attempt in Arvada, Garcia then drove to Lakewood where he attacked a 43-year-old woman as she was getting into her car after work. She struggled, fought, scratched and screamed. Garcia fled.

    Garcia went directly to another area in Lakewood where he selected a third victim. He followed the 29-year-old woman to her apartment complex and into her building where he attacked her. The woman struggled and fought. She was holding a bottle of pepper spray in her hand and was able to spray Garcia and interrupt the assault. Garcia pushed the woman down the stairs and then ran. All three assaults happened within a one-hour period of time.

    This is Garcia’s fourth case resulting in felony convictions. He had been off of community corrections supervision for just two months at the time of the attacks.

    Garcia was identified though a match in the DNA database maintained by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI). He was arrested on December 28.

    “Mr. Garcia is a dangerous man. He was determined to sexually assault a woman that December night in 2012,” said District Attorney Pete Weir, “His rampage was stopped only by the courage of one young woman and her pepper spray. This is a reminder of the need for strong sentencing laws. Before Garcia is ever released from prison, he must prove that he is no longer a danger to our community.”

    On October 28, 2013, Garcia pled guilty to two counts of Attempted Sexual Assault (F4); two counts of Unlawful Sexual Contact (F4); Criminal Trespass (F5); Third Degree Assault (M1); Attempted Unlawful Sexual Contact (F4); and Menacing (F5).

    Pam Russell
    DA Public Information

    January 2, 2014

    Eric Garcia

    Last Updated: 3-17-2014
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