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    Denver Man Sentenced For Armed Robbery In Casino Parking Lot

    Dominic James Gold, 20, of Denver, appeared in Gilpin County Court today to be sentenced for armed robbery in a casino parking lot in Black Hawk. Gold was given a 12 year suspended prison sentence on the condition that he successfully complete 4 years in the Youthful Offender System.

    Just before 2:00 a.m. on April 4, 2013, Dominic Gold and co-defendant Marcus James Gordon, 20, approached two people who were in their car in the Crook’s Palace Casino parking lot. Gold pointed a gun at the driver and ordered him to give them money. The driver struggled with Gold and the gun went off, hitting the female passenger in the leg. Co-defendant Marcus Gordon went to the passenger side of the vehicle, opened the door and took the female victim’s purse. The men got in a car and left.

    Black Hawk Police issued an alert as they arrived at the parking lot to investigate the shooting. Central City Police responded to Black Hawk’s alert and stopped the car in Central City. Dominic Gold and Marcus Gordon were both arrested.

    Gold pled guilty to Aggravated Robbery (F3) on January 3, 2014. He has been ordered to pay $4,689 in restitution.

    Marcus Gordon will be sentenced on April 21. On February 24, 2014 he pled guilty to two counts of Robbery (F4).

    YOS was created in response to the summer of violence in 1993 as a sentencing option for certain violent youthful offenders outside of the adult prison system. Offenders in YOS serve their time day-for-day, with no credit given for time served or good behavior. The goal of YOS is to hold offenders accountable and creating positive behavioral changes to help them become law-abiding, productive citizens

    Pam Russell
    DA Public Information

    March 11, 2014

    Dominic Gold

    Marcus Gordon

    Last Updated: 3-11-2014
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